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Apocalypse Wednesday: China Hit With Severe Floods And Droughts Week 13

This is one of China’s main rivers the Yangtze. In some areas it is almost completely dry.

China uses its rivers to transport goods to factories and from factories. The most important river historically has always been the Yangtze and it provides water for crops, human consumption and hydropower plants. Without it China would be totally fucked because these factories send most of their goods to the West and this in turn creates a lot whole lot of wealth within the country itself.

Not only is a drought causing a load of problems in China it is also majorly flooding in the east of the county. Too much rain in an area where the dirt is very compacted and dry causes flooding because the ground cannot absorb the rain as quickly as needed.

As if all of this wasn’t enough the centre of China is experiencing record high temperatures. The heavy use of air conditioning is straining their electrical grid because of the lack of hydropower coming from the generators along their dying rivers. The government there has shut hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of factories because of all of this. This of course means that since goods cannot be produced there that people here in the West are just going to have to learn to live without; clothes, appliances, toys, beauty products, car parts, and even some kinds of food will be in short supply. This in fact is already happening.

There is fuck all that can be done about this because climate change is a bitch and can’t be easily fixed by throwing money at it or by hopium inspired thoughts and prayers. Exploitive companies in the West have moved their factories over there within the last few decades to claw in even more money than they already make so don’t shed a damn tear for them because they are now reaping what they have sown.

Apocalypse Wednesday: US Government Announces Water Cutbacks For Colorado River, But Not Until January? WTF? Week 12

Does this look like it can wait till January?

This morning I woke up to find out that the US federal government has announced that Nevada, Arizona and Mexico have to lower their intake of water from the Colorado river basin by 25%, starting not now but in January. Seriously?

If I sound really doubtful about all of this is because the US Government has done fuck all to prevent this region from becoming uninhabitable very soon. Is there anything that they could do now to prevent the upcoming disaster? Not really, because they allowed all of the farming and building of subdivisions in a desert to happen in the first place. There should have been limits to the uncontrolled growth that has been happening in the American Southwest for decades now. All of this is way too little way too late to make any kind of meaningful difference.

The thing about this which really pisses me of the most about this inaction is that they want to wait till January. Seriously? What the hell do they think is going to happen between now and January? More rain?

What do I think needs to be done right now to confront this?

  1. No new housing subdivisions or businesses allowed to be built in the states that are affected. Period.
  2. Lawns and non native plant gardens are not allowed to be watered. This includes private residences, businesses, golf courses, cemeteries, parks and other such places.
  3. Man made decorative lakes in subdivisions should be allowed to dry up and not be allowed to take water from the Colorado to be filled.
  4. Farms in the desert should be ploughed under and not allowed to exist.
  5. Any citizen or business that goes against any of this should be very heavily fined. I am talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, an amount that will make people think twice.

If you live in this region you should look to getting out sooner rather than later because pretty soon this entire area is going to be uninhabitable. No ‘thoughts and prayers’ are going to change this.

Apocalypse Wednesday: I Actually Have Some Personal Good News This Week! Week 11

I don’t really discuss having multiple sclerosis on this blog, mainly because I don’t want to make the disease my identity. However, I have such good news that I feel like sharing.

There is no cure for this disease and scientists still haven’t figured out what exactly causes it. However, there are many newish DMT (disease modifying therapy) drugs that a patient can take to slow down the progression of the disease. A MS diagnosis used to be a death sentence until such drugs were available starting around twenty years ago.

When I was diagnosed about five years ago they immediately put me on Plegridy, which was a shot that I had to give myself every other week. Those shots would tire me out so much that I would be crashed out in bed the entire next day. So, I told my doctors that I wanted to stop taking that shot and be put on something else. I am now on Tecfidera which is a twice daily pill and I barely have any side affects from it at all.

If you go on a new MS med they want to do a MRI scan within the year to see if any new lesions appear on your brain or spine. If there are new lesions that means the med isn’t working to slow it down. I had a scan about a month ago and guess what???? I officially have no new lesions on my brain or spine!!! Which means that the med is working for me. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me and it has made me so happy!!!

There are some really crap things happening around the world right now, but sometimes you just have to slow down and relax. It’s okay to be happy and to celebrate small victories right now.

Apocalypse Wednesday: Liz Truss Is An Evil Bitch & She May Become The Next UK Prime Minister

Evil cunt.

Have you noticed how it is always evil bitch Tories who are the only women that ever get elected as UK Prime Minister? First there was Margaret Thatcher, who hated the poor and working class. Then next up it was Theresa May who hated immigrants and made the immigrant laws even more difficult to navigate. Then there is Liz Truss who is fighting right now to become yet another evil bitch Tory Prime Minister.

What did Liz Truss do to piss me off this much? It’s simply enough that she is a Tory because Tories are corrupt pieces of crap who don’t care about anybody except for their wealthy friends. However, she is right now bragging to her brainwashed brethren that she will allow fracking again in communities that want it, concentrate on extracting oil off the coast of Scotland and will ban solar panel farms. She wants to go back in time. How far back? Probably the 1800’s because she could make little kids go up chimneys again and save her wealthy friends a few pounds.

That’s right, this corrupt bitch doesn’t give a crap about the future of the UK. Scientists proclaiming that that the environment is terminally fucked doesn’t matter to her at all. Screw those kids who can’t breathe properly, screw those elderly people who can’t afford oil to heat their homes and screw all of the families who cannot afford to buy food. What is more important is that sweet cash she is getting from the oil industry, and her ability to put her cronies in charge of projects in which they will just steal all of money for themselves. Do not trust a damn thing that comes out of that woman’s mouth: lies, lies and more lies.

The only thing that ever scares the Tories are mass uncivilized protests, like what happened when Thatcher came up with the poll tax. People were so angry by that tax that there were full scale riots, This caused the Tories to make Thatcher quit and the law was thrown out. There is no honour among thieves. I can see something very similar happening again soon because people aren’t too happy when they can’t turn on the heat or feed their children.

In the wise words of the Subhumans…just think for yourself. Never believe what the Tory led UK government tells you.

Apocalypse Wednesday: July 20th-July 27th Week 9

19/07/22 Global food supply is in trouble.

This is just a short video explaining what is happening around the world when it comes to food stability, and how the Ukraine war is just making it worse. Since this was made Russia supposedly made a deal letting the grain supply leave Ukraine, but as soon as the ink was dry Putin started bombing again. By the way, I know this news item is one day early, but I felt it was important and it lays out the issues pretty well.

23/07/22 WHO declares their highest warning for the current monkeypox pandemic.

If you think this isn’t a big deal please think again. I have seen photos of the people who have caught this and it is pretty terrifying. It’s like chickenpox but even worse.

24/07/22 Paris is preparing to face a 50 Celsius degree future.

This article is in French but it’s pretty easy to get the gist of it. Paris is facing a very hot future and people are trying to think of ways to combat it.

26/7/22 Steve Bannon calling on ‘shock troops’ to take over the US government.

This is not a joke. This asshole is calling for his minions to storm the capital yet again. Hmmmm….I wonder how this went for them the last time they tried?

Apocalypse Wednesday: The Current Killer Heatwave In Europe Week 8

Fun times!

This week has gone by so quickly! There are just so many bad weather events happening around the world right now that it is just about impossible to create a reasonably sized list, so I will be concentrating on the hell that is Europe right now.

For those of you who don’t know Europe is going through a major heatwave event right now that is killing animals and humans and burning up Portugal, Spain and other Mediterranean countries.. Unlike the United States most homes, and even businesses, are not equipped with air conditioning units in Europe. Why? Because it normally doesn’t get hot enough to really need them. That is what makes this heatwave very dangerous.

I’ve seen a countless amount of Americans saying that they live with the same kind of temps and that it isn’t that bad….all while sitting in their air conditioned homes, cars and work spaces. If it wasn’t for air conditioning most of the American Southwest would become totally empty. If you are an American who thinks that Europe doesn’t have a right to bitch about these obscene temperatures then you really need to shut up a take a seat.

I live on one of the UK Channel Islands and we are about 10-15 degrees cooler than France and London. This is mainly due to the fact that we usually have a very good offshore breeze that cools us down a little. The heat this week has been very humid; the same that I experienced when I lived in the state of Tennessee. The heat here is never dry, so it is very difficult to get comfortable even when you are in the shade.

The scary thing about all of this? Scientists are saying that this is going to start happening more and more; periods of severe weather patterns. In the near future parts of Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, etc…are going to become uninhabitable due to desertification. Where are all of these European climate refugees going to run to? I think a whole bunch of European politicians have their heads in the sand thinking that if they ignore this issue it will go away.

This planet is beyond the tipping point. No matter what we do right now things are heading in a bad direction. If you live in one of these areas take precautions to keep you and your family safe. Your life, and the lives of your family, are more important than those of the lying politicians that got us into this mess.

I’m sorry if I sound negative, but I want to tell you guys the truth about the direction we are all heading in. Ignorance in this case is not bliss.

Apocalypse Wednesday: Should You Be Prepping For Food Shortages Right Now? YES! Week 7

Lord Humungus thinks you should prep.

Before I start I would like it to be known that I am in no way a right wing loon who has built a bunker and who thinks the world is going to end. I am a leftist woman with mainly anarcho-communist tendencies. Now, let’s get on with the show.

When you read this blog you will notice that quite a few of my Apocalypse Wednesday posts include links to news stories about droughts and the devastation caused by climate change. Scientists, including those representing the UN, have announced over the last few weeks that there will be shortages of wheat this fall and winter due to climate change caused droughts around the world. Wheat farms in Canada, the United States, Italy and elsewhere have not produced the amount of wheat needed to feed the world. Countries that would normally export all of their excess wheat are now keeping it for themselves. This, in turn, causes those in poorer areas of the world to starve to death because they are not being sent the grain.

Do I think people in North America, Europe, and other affluent areas are going to starve? Nope, but there are going to be limited choices as to what you can buy. There might be only a few kinds of cereal when there used to be dozens. Prices are already starting to go up, especially when it comes to meat and fish. For example, I bought 12 tinned cans of salmon for £24 the other day and this morning the price went up to £33,

I know that all of this seems very scary, because it is. However, with a little planning you can lessen the impact that these shortages will have on you and your family.

  1. Only buy food that you already eat. Others are telling people to buy giant bags of rice and beans, BUT if you don’t already eat beans and rice it doesn’t make sense to buy them.
  2. Make sure you buy enough protein, and it doesn’t have to be fresh meat. You can buy tins of tuna, salmon, chicken chunks, Spam,etc… Peanut butter is another great source of protein, and you can even buy it in powdered form to freshly mix your own.
  3. If you bake buy enough flour, sugar and other ingredients that you normally use. The upcoming wheat shortage is already being felt in terms of pricing so this is a very important step.
  4. If you live in an area with upcoming water shortages buy water storage containers. Fill them as needed.
  5. Instant coffee sachets literally last forever. Buying them makes more sense than trying to store a bunch of coffee beans in the freezer. Plus, the sachets will be very good items to use in food trades, if things come to that.
  6. Buy tinned fruit and veg. There is still produce around right now but the quality has gone downhill.
  7. If you have a hobby get all the gear you will need sooner rather than later. I have stocked up on thread, studs, and other such things because I do a lot of clothing DIY projects.
  8. Been eyeing certain ‘alternative’ type items, such as bright hair dye or platform boots? It’s best to get them sooner than later because who knows what brands are even going to survive all of this. Some are already having constant clearance sales which isn’t the sign of a healthy business.

I hope I have changed some minds about the need to prep right now, because it is the logical thing to do to make sure that you and your family have enough to eat in the coming food crisis.

Apocalypse Wednesday: June 29th-July 6th Week 7

Lake Mead is drying up at an accelerated pace.

30/6/22 EPA clean air act gutted by SCOTUS.

That’s right, SCOTUS thinks that businesses have more rights to pollute the country than the people who live there have the right to breathe and live cancer free. Do you know who created the EPA? Nixon. That’s right, Nixon actually cared more about the environment than the modern GOP. Think on that.

02/07/22 WHO warns monkeypox spreading fast needs containment.

It’s spreading but it is not believed to be airborne…….yet.

04/07/22 Six people killed in an avalanche in the alps in Italy.

I am including this because the Alps are quickly losing snow and glaciers. Climate change directly killed these people.

04/07/22 The driest climate in Spain and Portugal in 1200 years is happening right now.

Spain, and other countries in southern Europe are suffering through a very bad drought that is badly affecting rivers and crops.

05/07/22 Superbug found in British pork.

It was found in different supermarkets in different pork products, including organic.

Apocalypse Wednesday: The Overturning Of Roe V. Wade/week 6

I’ve chosen yet again one topic to concentrate on this week because it is just that important to me and millions of other women worldwide.

First I would like to state for the record that I had an abortion in August of 1991. Why? Because I have never wanted children. Never. Plus, there was no way in hell that I was going to birth the baby of a total asshole who lied to me. I have no issues with telling this and I am not ashamed of it. So many women that I know online have been sharing their abortion stories because all of us are sick and fucking tired of Christian hypocrites trying to tell us what we can and cannot do with our own bodies.

Make no mistake, this was overturned because Evangelicals want control over women. They want women to be docile, agreeable, and to put all of their wants and desires on hold so that said men get everything they want. We are put on this planet, according to them, to give birth and serve men. That’s it.

People are comparing all of this to The Handmaid’s Tale which I think is totally fair because the real life events going on right now really do echo what happens in the book. On January the 6th 2021 Trump attempted to stage a coup by sending his followers into the Capital Building with weapons to subdue and murder politicians. The same sort of thing happens in the book, but they are successful.

On top of all of this Biden hasn’t done shit to try to block this ruling. The Dems knew that this was going to happen for months and they did nothing to prepare for it. Nothing. It proves just how right wing the entire American government is right now. It’s all about the money they get from corporations for their campaigns, not about doing what is right for the American people. To be fair there are a few leftist politicians, but they are told by the Dems in charge to sit down, not make waves and follow the party line.

I have never been a proud American because I saw through this kind of bullshit when I was back in high school in the 80’s. Any weirdo who lived through the Reagan and Thatcher years knows exactly what I am talking about. This ‘right to life’ protest crap started back then when the Evangelicals were catered to by Reagan and the GOP.

So, fuck the Supreme Court, fuck the US government in general, and fuck all of the Evangelical loonies that think that they have the right to tell women what they can and can’t do with their own bodies.

Apocalypse Wednesday: The Colorado River System, Including Lake Mead And Lake Powell, Is Drying Up/ Week 5

Video recently made showing just how low the level of Lake Mead is right now.

I have decided to just cover this one topic this week because of the seriousness of what is going on. According to the L.A. Times the federal government has told the seven Western states that rely on the water to cut their consumption drastically in the next two months. Why? Because the Colorado River system is literally drying up.

Why are people still moving to the American Southwest? Because they believe the bullshit that the housing developers are telling them. These developers claim that they can’t build homes if there isn’t enough water to support them, all while Lake Mead and Lake Powell, the largest reservoirs in the area, are visibly drying up. These same people more than likely think that the US government will save them. How? By building pipelines to the Great Lakes? Good luck with that.

What is going to happen to all of the people currently living there? Where are they going to go? This is the huge question that many are speculating on right now. Needless to say there will be mass migrations of people leaving that area very soon, looking for somewhere else to live. The people who wait too long are going to be stuck in their houses with no water or electricity, and with no way to leave. Basically if you leave you live, and if you wait you die.

What baffles me about all of this is how little this is actually being discussed. I mean, are people actually thinking that if they ignore what is going on that it will just go away? That everything will be back to ‘normal’ as soon as it rains? Things are never going back to ‘normal’ because the planet is literally dying. To think otherwise right now is to be asleep.

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