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Apocalypse Wednesday: June 8-15 Week 4

I love the hell out of Fallout 3. Have you noticed?

8/6/22 When warned of a climate crisis a US energy firm spent over $62 million on climate change denial ads.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since it has been going on for decades. They think if they ignore climate change it will just go away. It won’t.

9/6/22 A single day price hike of gasoline in the UK is highest in 17 years.

This is happening daily pretty much everywhere and things will only get worse. People are going to be financially unable to use their cars very soon and will have to think of different ways to get around such as biking, buses, trains and walking. Things are never going back to ‘normal’ when it comes to this.

9/6/22 Lake Mead water level is now below 30 feet.

This is not being reported on as much as it should me. This water is used by millions in the US Southwest. If I lived in that area I would get out sooner rather than later. There is going to be no water there in10-20 years. Maybe even sooner than that.

9/6/22 Scientists have grown human skin around a robotic finger.

You read that right….Cyberdyne here we come! I’m betting that this is going to be used in the porn industry. Kind of creepy when you think about it.

12/6/22 Running out of time to breed weather resistant wheat.

A lot of the world’s wheat crops are doing very badly right now due to climate change. Scientists are trying to breed wheat that can survive in heat and cold. I’m not going to count on this.

Apocalypse Wednesday: 1st June-7th June 2022 Week 3

Will you become the Ayatollah Of Rock And Rolla?

4/6/22 It is thought that the quick spread of Monkeypox may be due to the virus now being aerosolized.

Monkeypox is spreading so quickly that they fear that it may already be aerosolized. Meaning that you can catch it from sneezes and coughs. Some governments are starting to tell people not to worry. This means that you should actually start to worry a little about this. A second pandemic within five years?

5/6/22 Dire climate record is broken.

CO2 levels right now are 50% higher than they were during pre-industrial times. We are all pretty much screwed and on track to making ourselves go extinct. We should have never climbed out of the trees.

6/6/22 Wheat prices soar more than 5% because of poor US harvest predictions.

Due to poor harvests in the US, India, Italy and just about everywhere else wheat prices are going to continue to climb. The war in Ukraine is only adding to the issue. If you do a lot of baking start prepping sooner rather than later. Things are only going to get worse.

6/6/22 Monkeypox rise in the UK, with over 300 cases.

Thankfully the cases are of the West African strain, which is milder than the Congo strain. However, people who have compromised immune systems, such as myself, will get it worse. This is slowly shaping into yet another pandemic. Since just about every country mucked up how they handled the corona virus I am not holding much hope that they will deal with this one in a better manner. Remember, capitalism is more important than the lives of people.

7/6/22 How drought returned to California.

California is pretty much screwed. The central valley, where most of the state’s food is grown, is turning into desert because the water supply is quickly running out. Small towns in the valley have run out of water and have to have it shipped in so that they can wash and cook. Also, California grows a lot of fresh produce that is shipped to the rest of the country and beyond. Food prices are going to soar this summer.

Apocalypse Wednesday: 25th May-1st June 2022 Week 2

The town of Megaton in Fallout 3. Where post-apocalyptic fun is had!

Before I start this week’s list I would really like to talk about the school shooting in Texas. It’s disgusting what happened and it proves that all cops are cowardly bastards. Gun laws in the United States need to be more harsh, so that insecure incel men can’t easily purchase guns right after they turn 18. If there had been a waiting period those little kids would probably still be alive right now. The United States has an angry incel terrorist issue that needs to be taken seriously by their government.

May 25th World supply of wheat will only last a total of 10 more weeks.

A food insecurity expert has given this warning to the UN, so you know that this is a very serious issue. Wheat production in both Russia and Ukraine usually equals a full 1/3 of the world’s supply, so the war going on right now is halting production and blocking the exporting of this grain. Putin would rather starve the world than pull out of Ukraine. Tells you all that you need to know about the evil prick.

May 26th Big Salmon farms in New Zealand are closing due to overly warm water.

New Zealand is the biggest exporter of chinook salmon. In fact 85% of the world’s supply comes from there. Right now these farmed fish are dying off in huge numbers because the water is growing too hot for them to survive in. It’s climate change in real time.

May 30th Previously cheap food is getting too expensive for the poor in the UK.

The prices of basic food items, such as pasta, bread and minced beef are going through the roof. This is happening pretty much everywhere right now. Tons of people are starting to use food banks so that they can have more than one meal a day and to feed their children. This is only going to get worse as the months go by.

May 30th Almost 500,000 small UK businesses will go bust within a few weeks unless they receive help from the government.

I don’t think the Tory UK government actually cares about any business unless it is owned by them or their cronies. Tons of people will lose their jobs if this is allowed to happen.

Apocalypse Wednesday: 18-25 August 2022 Week 1

Fallout 3 is peachy keen! You have not experienced life until you have roamed the Capital Wasteland.

I’ve decided to start a weekly feature all about the apocalyptic crap that is going on around us; weather disasters, famine, disease, and economic meltdowns have all been in the news lately. I will give a link, my opinion on the subjects that I present and give the reasons as to why we should all be concerned. We can’t reach our post-apocalyptic Shangri-la without having to crawl through the muck first.

May 18th Italy’s Longest River Fed By Melt From The Alps Dries Up Its Food Basket Threatening Collapse

You read that right, Italy’s longest river, the Po, is producing so little water that the wheat growing region of Northern Italy is in threat of collapsing. This region alone produces something like 40% of Italy’s GDP. Not to mention how much of Europe relies on this wheat. Most of the pasta in Europe comes from Italy so if this growing region totally dies the price of wheat is going to go insanely high, higher than it is already.

Why is this happening? Because the Alps are not receiving enough snow. Not enough snow, then there is not enough water. Plus, on top of all of that the permafrost and glaciers that once covered the mountains are almost gone. This is also happening to the Colorado River in the United States. We should all be concerned about this because where are all the people from these areas going to go once the water is gone?

May 19th What Is Monkey Pox Virus And Should We Worry

Mother nature is very, very angry with us right now. The news on this is changing pretty much on a daily basis, but from what I have read there are 2 different versions of this, one with a 1% fatality rate and the other is at 10-15%. There is a ton of info saying it is spread by both sex and droplets. It is related to smallpox. If you were born after 1972 you never got a smallpox vaccine which means you may be more prone to catching monkey pox. Keep your fingers crossed that this will not turn into yet another worldwide pandemic.

May 21st Iraq Records 90 Infected And 18 Deaths From Viral Haemorrhagic Fever

They aren’t sure exactly what is causing this and that makes it all the more worrisome. What is stopping this from spreading ? Sheer luck at this point,

That’s it for this week! Have fun and stay safe!

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