Fallout 3 is peachy keen! You have not experienced life until you have roamed the Capital Wasteland.

I’ve decided to start a weekly feature all about the apocalyptic crap that is going on around us; weather disasters, famine, disease, and economic meltdowns have all been in the news lately. I will give a link, my opinion on the subjects that I present and give the reasons as to why we should all be concerned. We can’t reach our post-apocalyptic Shangri-la without having to crawl through the muck first.

May 18th Italy’s Longest River Fed By Melt From The Alps Dries Up Its Food Basket Threatening Collapse

You read that right, Italy’s longest river, the Po, is producing so little water that the wheat growing region of Northern Italy is in threat of collapsing. This region alone produces something like 40% of Italy’s GDP. Not to mention how much of Europe relies on this wheat. Most of the pasta in Europe comes from Italy so if this growing region totally dies the price of wheat is going to go insanely high, higher than it is already.

Why is this happening? Because the Alps are not receiving enough snow. Not enough snow, then there is not enough water. Plus, on top of all of that the permafrost and glaciers that once covered the mountains are almost gone. This is also happening to the Colorado River in the United States. We should all be concerned about this because where are all the people from these areas going to go once the water is gone?

May 19th What Is Monkey Pox Virus And Should We Worry

Mother nature is very, very angry with us right now. The news on this is changing pretty much on a daily basis, but from what I have read there are 2 different versions of this, one with a 1% fatality rate and the other is at 10-15%. There is a ton of info saying it is spread by both sex and droplets. It is related to smallpox. If you were born after 1972 you never got a smallpox vaccine which means you may be more prone to catching monkey pox. Keep your fingers crossed that this will not turn into yet another worldwide pandemic.

May 21st Iraq Records 90 Infected And 18 Deaths From Viral Haemorrhagic Fever

They aren’t sure exactly what is causing this and that makes it all the more worrisome. What is stopping this from spreading ? Sheer luck at this point,

That’s it for this week! Have fun and stay safe!