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Last Grasp’s New Video Goth Enough Is Perfect!!!

My Dystopian Life Endorses Jill Stein For President In 2024

RIP Roger Corman 1926-2024

Roger with Vincent Price, who stared in seven of his films.

More Troubling Information About Killstar Has Come Forth

This is the perfect representation of Killstar right now; muck circling the drain.

I Stand With The Students Protesting Against Israel’s Genocide Of The Palestinian People

More Evidence Against Erin Micklow From The Band Still Pist

Their version of the incident, which is way more believable than the other side.
Not a single bruise. If she had truly been ‘jumped’ she would not be that lily-white right now.

A closer photo of the cut and swollen lip that were the result of Erin’s boyfriend clocking her.

Erin Micklow, Infamous Punk Influencer, Got Beat Up At A Show

Video about what took place because I don’t link to her.
The other side of the story.

Songs I loved Dancing To In Clubs In The 80’s-90’s: Wumpscut – Mother (1995)

Yes, this song is almost 9 minutes long.

She Got Kicked Out Of A Virginia Mall For Being ‘Too Goth’

The ‘too goth’ are her words not mine. She publicly posted this photo of herself so I am sharing.

Vulture Capitalism By Grace Blakeley Is A Book That Everybody Needs To Read

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