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Indya Is Cashing In On The Goth Trend And It Is Very Obvious

Yes, the title of this song is Too Goth To Handle. It’s okay to be horrified.

EDIT: Since writing this something kind of strange has occurred. I commented on the above video over at the Tube and it had been taken down. No response, just deleted. I didn’t call her names and I wasn’t rude, I just pointed out that what she is doing is basically being unauthentic. She is using the goth trend to gain publicity. Could she be an industry plant of some sort? Has her producer pushed her into this? Interesting.

I stumbled upon the singer Indya this morning and my goodness am I intrigued. Why? Because this chick just reeks of cashing in on the whole ‘goth’ trend.

She has an album coming out called Leather And Lace. Gee, I wonder where she got that title from. Since I have no idea who this woman is I listened to an interview that she did with Kerrang and it is pretty telling. She said that she changed her sound and look for this album. Meaning that the woman is not a goth musician, and may even not be a fan of goth music. That is one of the main reasons why I think that she is just trying to cash in on goth being a trend. Her past history includes playing with Brit pop bands and the like and I couldn’t find any info tying her to any actual goth bands.

The music itself is okay but her vocal delivery is very sex kittenish which kind of throws the whole vibe into disarray. She kind of sounds like Gwen Stefani but without the vocal range. Basically she has a ‘pop-star’ kind of voice. The music and her voice don’t fit together very well. Plus, the lyrics are pretty awful and play into the whole ‘big tiddy goth girlfriend’ stereotype. She can put on sexy black clothing and sing about how she is too goth to handle, but as we all know wearing black clothing doesn’t automatically turn somebody into a goth.

It was only a matter of time before a pop musician tried this. Here is some advice I would like to give her. If you are going to treat goth as a costume so that you can make more money you do you, but don’t expect the actual subculture to be supportive of you. Just be yourself instead of latching on to a trend, you’ll have a more fruitful career.

EDIT 2: I found the lyrics of this song and I am in no way wrong.

Too goth to handle, too goth to handle
Too goth to handle, too goth to handle

Too goth to handle, too goth to handle
Too goth to handle, too goth to handle

The show is over, baby; meet me in the haters club
Too lost in sin to trick or treat you with this magic touch

This deville’s out there screaming, raving, haunting (let’s get unholy, bitch)
I’ll send you down; I’m teasing (touch me now)
Embrace rejection, I’m possessing, I ain’t telling (I’m banging)
A sexed up little madame in black leather (I’m psycho)
Mistress of Mayhem, there’s no warning sign (I’m rebel)
I’ll vandalise you whеn you fantasise
I jumped the wall in thе church; I’m poison
Anti-social, paranoid, and…

[Guitar solo]

I’m keeping tabs on your car; I’m seething, jealous, raging, I’m a screaming mess (I’m a screaming mess)

Too goth to handle, too goth to handle
Too goth to handle, too goth to handle

I send condolences; your morbid fashion killed your mind
You hold the darkest secrets; you’re no saint; you can’t be mine

I’m your worst nightmare; I’m bad karma; drama queen (I’m lavish)
I’ll send you down with your obsession; you can (lick it, bitch)
This velvet corset is too tight; I just can’t breathe in it (I’m tied up)
This gothic cross that’s on my fishnets you will never feel (you prick)
I’m paranormal activity on your mind
I got a letter here I hope your wife don’t find
I jumped the wall in the church; I’m poison
Anti-social, paranoid, and…

[Guitar solo]

A New Book About The New York Goth/Industrial Scene Has Been Released

I have no idea who this person is because back in the 80’s-90’s I was in California. Apparently the dude used to associate with local New York bands and wrote a column about the goth, industrial and punk scenes for a rock magazine called Aquarius. I feel so out of touch because I had never heard about this person before. Since that is the case I am not going to order this right away. I’m going to read some reviews before I plunge full in.

There seems to be a whole lot of people writing books about the goth subculture right now; I imagine some are doing it for the love of the music while others are trying to cash in. I have no idea what side of equation that this person falls on so I am not going to tell you to rush out and buy it.

Thoughts On The Film Judgment At Nuremberg (1961)

One of the best scenes. Spencer Tracy gazing at the spot in Nuremberg where Hitler gave his speeches, trying to understand how such evil could happen.

Judgment At Nuremberg is a fictionalized account of the war crime trials that took place in 1947 against some Nazi judges; ones that ordered people sterilized, sent to the death camps or immediately executed. It may be a work of fiction but all of the crimes described and shown in the film did indeed take place. For these reasons and more I really consider this film to be one of the best made about the atrocities that happened during WWII.

After WWII a lot of German civilians claimed that they didn’t know about the extermination camps and the other atrocities that took place, but that has been proven to be false by modern historians. That is one of the reasons why this film is so damn important; it shows what some Germans actually knew and calls them out on it. Also, the fact that it wasn’t filmed in colour gives it more gravitas. Steven Spielberg used the same technique in Schindler’s List so I wouldn’t be surprised if he got that idea from this film.

There are so many great actors and actresses in this movie: Spencer Tracy, Judy Garland, Marlena Dietrich, Maximilian Schell, Montgomery Cliff, Burt Lancaster, and Richard Widmark. Everybody in this film is excellent and I can’t imagine how emotional it had to be to make this film. I always get teary during the scene in which Judy Garland’s character testifies against one of the judges, it is perhaps her best ever performance. This is a very emotional watch, but it is worth the tears.

I feel that this would be an excellent film to show teens, and adults, about the trauma that WWII brought forth. With the rise of neo-Nazi type crap happening yet again in Europe it is very important for them to know what occurs when you let monsters lead nations and don’t do anything to try to stop it.

I Am Uploading A Ton Of CDs


I used to DJ goth-rock, deathrock and punk music over twenty years ago. It was at the height of when synthpop and EBM music took over goth clubs so it was a pretty dire time to be into goth-rock or deathrock. In fact I was one of the few DJs in the areas that I lived that spun the deathrock revival music that was appearing during that time. So, needless to say, I own a lot of goth music from the 80’s and 90’s. Including tons of compilations. During the 90’s there were a lot of them and many were quite good.

So, I will be spending the next few days uploading all of them to my new laptop. Technology is both a curse and a blessing.

Patch Update

Yes, I am a patch addict.

A bunch of patches have come in since the last post. My favourite being the large Boris Karloff as the Mummy patch. I have a bit of a soft spot for the Mummy; he isn’t given the same respect or attention as Dracula or Frankenstein’s monster. If the Mummy were a child going to a monster type academy they would probably be picked last all of the time during games. He is going on the back of the striped jacket for all of those reasons and more. I’m not sure which others are going on yet because I am waiting for more to arrive.

Where did I get these patches? Etsy. There are so many patch sellers that you will more than likely find the exact kind you want on there. I have noticed that there are a few unscrupulous sellers right now overcharging for their spooky patches because of ‘goth’ being a current fashion trend. So, if some seem too expensive to you it’s probably because they are overpriced. I will update further on this once more arrive.

Album Review: The Damned – Darkadelic

Very cool cover!

How did I get my hands on this early? Again, Amazon delivered a new release to me a little early. Not a complaint, just an observation. There is an upside to living in the middle of nowhere.

Again, I am just going to give you my feelings on listening to this the first time rather than go in depth on every song. There are people really good at giving flowerly descriptions of songs…and I am not one of them!

First off I would like to say how much I love the instrumentation on this album. You have fast punk guitar, spooky keyboards and even horns! Phantasmagoria, Everything and Grave Disorder are all represented within these songs with some added psychedelic type guitar work. These songs actually remind me of the band Vanilla Fudge, which can only be a good thing. If you like a more ‘rocking’ Damned then this is the album for you!

This is a very political album which is so awesome! The Damned have never been ones to shy away from speaking out against bullshit and they do it here in spades. My favourite song so far is Follow Me, a little ditty about how shallow and fake internet influencers can be. Some ‘goth’ influencers are probably going to feel called out by it; which can only be a good thing of course.

Well, first listen and I really, really like this album! The title of the album is a very apt name for it; lots of psychedelic keyboard and guitar work. If you are new to The Damned this would be an excellent jumping in point, and if you are an older fan this album will make you want to boogie: From Your Lips made me want to uber-goth dance!

Starting Work On A New Jacket

Yes, yet another jacket.

I’m back from the dead! I just needed some away from the internet time and I am doing much better. Hooray! I was going to finish this post a week ago but I caught a head cold and had absolutely no energy. I’m just about over it and feel, much, much better. Off we go!

As the title of this post states I am starting work on yet another jacket. When I go onto the ‘high street’ of my town I always browse the New Look store’s clearance section. I always come out with something because I live in a very conservative area. Anything too ‘out there’ for the local normies goes on clearance, and the prices are cheaper than the local thrift stores. It’s a win win for me because it means I don’t have to pay a lot of money to find a piece of clothing to do some fun DIY type work on. I would say that the quality of their stock is better than Shein, so if you are a weirdo with a budget in the UK you ought to head over there.

Since it is a black and white striped jacket people will assume that I am going to ‘Beetlejuice’ it. I think that type of look is very overplayed and I am not a big Tim Burton fan. Because of all of this I am not allowing any green on this jacket. The patches that I will be using will be mostly black & white. There will be some purple, red, blue,etc…but no green. When it comes to DIY battle jackets you should always put what YOU love on it; not what others tell you that you should have on it.

The purple really sets it off.

So far the only work I have done to it is place some purple studs right beneath the pocket openings. Since it is an unlined summer type blazer I might not place any more studs on it. When you stud a piece of clothing you make it heavier so that would go against the purpose of this blazer; a lighter summer type garment. I may feel differently down the road but that is my headspace right now.

I am waiting for a bunch of patches to arrive. This is going to be a ‘spooky’ jacket: horror films, TV shows, sayings and maybe some bands. When more get here I will show them to you all because they are peachy-keen! Okay, I’m going to cheat and share one below that is defitely going on it. It is a thing of beauty!

Nadja is my spirit animal.

There Has Been Two Deaths In My Family Since January


Like the title says I have had two members of my family die since January; my father in-law and my brother in-law. Both deaths were expected so I haven’t been in shock or anything like that. I’m just really, really bummed about it and the reason why I haven’t posted anything in the last week. I’m just not in the right headspace to be doing a ton of typing right now. My brother in-law’s funeral is next week so after that I will be in a better emotional state to get things done. So, if you don’t see me on here for a few weeks that is why. I may be right back after the funeral or it may be a couple of weeks, I’m not sure yet. However, I will be back because I will never abandon this blog. Thanks for reading and for understanding. Like the immortal statement that Arnie says in Terminator, I’ll be back.

Album Review: Depeche Mode – Memento Mori

I can hear you asking ‘How is she reviewing this when it isn’t even out yet?’ For whatever reason I received it three days early in the mail, and my goodness am I impressed.

First a little background about my history of listening to this band. I got into the Black Celebration album when I was fifteen in 1986 but I stopped listening to them right after I turned sixteen because a friend who betrayed me was a big fan. So, for years I associated them with that failed friendship and just never listened to them outside of a club environment. Less than a year ago I thought about all of the crap that happened, was like ‘fuck her’ and then gave Black Celebration a listen for the first time since 1987. I instantly reconnected to it and I even remembered all of the lyrics so I am now back into liking them. Hooray!

I am so glad I per-ordered this album because it is very, very good. Seriously good. If you listen to it from start to finish it takes you on a journey of loss and trying to find your way back into the light from the darkness. There are no happy synth driven pop songs on this album, which is a good thing because such a song would not feel right within this context. You could say that the single Ghosts Again fits into that box, but the morose lyrics make it anything but that. As a whole the lyrics contained within this album show a maturity that heavily reminds me of the darker aspects of Black Celebration, but instead of looking outwards it’s looking inwards.

Rather than review the songs I am just going to tell you how I felt listening to it as a whole, because the songs are very interconnected. It starts out slow, but the further you get into the album the more it picks up speed. It is not in a flurry of synths or tons of bells and whistles, rather it is very stripped back and in some aspects very bleak. That aspect of it reminds me quite a bit of Lycia; ethereal and haunting. I love the way the vocals are intertwined with the music; weaving in and out among the beats.

This is a beautiful album and I highly recommend buying it. It is some of the best music that they have put out in decades.

Thoughts about Scene Queen’s Anti-Pedophile Song 18+

Love her!

This is one of the first times I have heard a musician in the pop-punk/metal-core/alternative music sphere actually majorly call out sexual predators who go after underage fans. It is a dirty ‘secret’ that has been going on in alternative circles for literally decades. It happens in punk, goth, metal and every single alternative type music genre you can think of. Predatory musicians who want to screw underage girls, and boys, get away with it way too often because their music is deemed too ‘important’, or their music connections are deemed too ‘important’. Nobody should be deemed untouchable, or ‘too important’, when it comes to calling this shit out.

This is a brilliant song and video and I stand with her.

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