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She Got Kicked Out Of A Virginia Mall For Being ‘Too Goth’

The ‘too goth’ are her words not mine. She publicly posted this photo of herself so I am sharing.

Rest In Power Aaron Bushnell

These are the last words that Aaron said.

Vision From The Goth Band Tragic Black Is A Far Right Wing Supporter

Vision is the person in the middle.

Please Donate Money To The UNRWA If You Are Able Because Palestinians Need Your Help

Some of the devastation in Gaza.

Time To Shame Those Silent Over Gaza

Some Cool Badges And Patches I Received This Week

This is kind of a lazy post but it is freezing cold and my MS symptoms hate me right now.

I Stand Against The Genocide Of The Palestinian People

I Stand With The People Of Palestine And Against The Far Right Government Of Israel /FREE PALESTINE!!!!

I am going to keep this short and to the point. What the Israeli government is doing against the Palestinians is genocide and ethnic cleansing. They are killing innocent Palestinians who have nothing to do with Hamas. This is what the government of Israel has wanted since the beginning of their statehood; the Palestinians forced off of the land by any means necessary. It is disgusting that the US and UK governments are enabling this and I refuse to vote for any politician that supports the government of Israel. FREE PALESTINE!!!!!!

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