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My Dystopian Life Alternative Club Classics

EDIT: It is now 84 songs with no repeated bands. I hate the heck out of Spotify, and don’t use it, but I have decided to start creating a playlist based on the music that I heard in alternative clubs in 88-92. It is a work in progress so this isn’t its final form. During those four years I went clubbing on a pretty regular basis, even multiple times a week. So, these are actual songs that were played back then not some fever dream of somebody who wishes they lived back then. Yes, rap/hip-hop songs were played at all of the alternative clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area back then, and I had a whole lot of fun dancing to them! From what I understand this was not as common in other areas of the US, so this list only represents what I experienced and is not indicative of what happened elsewhere.

Hope you have fun listening to this and discover songs that are new to you.

My 50 Favourite Goth Songs Of All Time!!!

It would be fun dancing to these songs in this space.

For a start I would like to state that this list isn’t meant to be something definitive; a list of goth songs that you must listen to. These just happen to be my personal favourite goth songs. Don’t pay attention to the order because that changes all of the time, and I am only numbering them to keep them straight in my head so that I don’t repeat myself. Some songs are of the crossover variety, mainly synthpop meets goth, because the distinctions between the two back in the 80’s/90’s was more fuzzy than today, and there will be multiple entries for a few bands. A lot of them will be old, because I’m old. Off we go!

50. Lords Of The New Church – Dance With Me (1983)

49. Pawns – Broken (2019)

48. Nosferatu – Close (1993)

47. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Hand On Heart (1985)

46. Sex Gang Children – Sebastiane (1983)

45. Until December – Heaven (1986)

44. Samhain – Archangel (1984)

43. Lacrimosa – Kabinett Der Sinne (1995)

42. Die Form – Phenomena Of Visitation (1996)

41. Blancmange – Living On The Ceiling (1982)

40. Specimen – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (1983)

39. Gene Loves Jezebel – Always A Flame (1985)

38. Christian Death – This Is Heresy (1988)

37. Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf (1981)

36. Virgin Prunes – Love Lasts Forever (1986)

35. TSOL – Beneath The Shadows (1982)

34. Killing Joke – Love Like Blood (1985)

33. Alien Sex Fiend – Hurricane Fighter Plane (1987)

32. The Cult – Rain (1985)

31. Love & Rockets – Love Me (1986)

30. This Ascension – Angel Light (1994)

29. The Tear Garden – Ophelia (1987)

28. Astrovamps – Vampira (1993)

27. Necromantik Sunshine – London Dungeon (2001)

26. Diva Destruction – The Broken Ones (1999)

25. Element – Red Meat & Beauty Queens (1998)

24. Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers (1988)

23. Collide – Beneath The Skin (1996)

22. Samhain – I Am Misery (1984)

21. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – The Days Of Swine & Roses (1990)

20. Red Flag – If I Ever (1989)

19. Ministry – Every Day Is Halloween (1984)

18. Fields Of The Nephilim – Blue Water (1987)

17. Corpus Delecti – Noxious (The Demon’s Game) (1994)

16. Tones On Tail – Go! (1984)

15. Christian Death – Church Of No Return (1988)

14. The Chameleons – In Shreds (1982)

13. Die Form – Rain Of Blood (1997)

12. Wumpscut – Mother (1995)

11. Rosetta Stone – Leave Me For Dead (1991)

10. Mephisto Walz – The Starveling (1993)

9. The Damned – Alone Again Or (1987)

8. Gene Loves Jezebel – Heartache (1986)

7. Sex Gang Children – Deiche (1984)

6. Killing Joke – Follow The Leaders (1981)

5. Fade To Grey – Visage (1982)

4. TSOL – Code Blue (1981)

3. Virgin Prunes – The Walls Of Jericho (1982)

2. Lycia- Pray (1995)

1. B-Movie – Nowhere Girl (1982)

I’ve Been Playing The Game The Outer Worlds And It Is So Much Fun!

I am going to share a secret; I am a gamer. I have never talked about it before on here because since being diagnosed with MS I have found it impossible for me to get comfortable while playing PS4 games on our TV. Over the past few months I really started to get the itch to start gaming again, so I did some research and decided to get a Nintendo Switch console. It can move around with me very easily and I am 100% glad that I decided to give it a try. The last time I played a Nintendo system was the N64 when I proudly beat Golden Eye, so there was a bit of a learning curve. However, I quickly got used to it and I am having an amazingly good time.

So, what is the game Outer Worlds? In it you play a guy flying around the Halcyon system trying to figure out the mystery surrounding a colonist spaceship that he was originally on. On your travels you encounter greedy corporations, freedom fighters, killer robots, and some very scary creatures. It’s like Fallout New Vegas and made by the same company Obsidian. So, if you love just wandering about and fucking shit up this is the game for you. It’s a bit more linear so you can’t explore every planet again once you leave them. Also, once you make some enemies of factions they will refuse to sell gear to you and attempt to kill you on sight.

I tend to only play these types of games because I love playing solo and offline. I haven’t played any online games since the last time I played World Of Warcraft over fifteen years ago. I would never talk to anybody and just keep to myself because I didn’t like all of the sexist crap going on. The only online game I ever really liked was Star Wars Galaxies. I used to be part of an Empire supporting crew and it was fun as hell. I even met Darth Vader which was very peachy-keen!

I usually take this time of year off when it comes to posting content because I really hate the holiday season. All of the forced happiness makes me want to retreat into a cave until it’s all over in early January. So, if you don’t see me posting as much, or not at all, until then nothing is the matter;like Arnie I will be back. I kind of have a big post I want to do so I may be partially working on that during this time.

Later days.

I Went To See The Film Outland Last Night

When film posters were cool.

For those of you who don’t know the film Outland was made in 1981 starring Sean Connery. It is a thriller set in a mining colony on Jupiter’s moon Io in which Connery is a federal marshal investigating a series of gruesome deaths. It has been largely forgotten for years, so when I learned that a local film group was screening it I got very excited since I had never seen it in an actual theatre before.

What is so great about this film? The social commentary. In fact I would say that this film was way ahead of its time, and that is probably the main reason why it has been largely forgotten. Back in the 80’s people under the thrall of Reagan and Thatcher thought that corporations could do no wrong, that they were trusted to do what was right because why would a corporation want to hurt people? Leap forward 40 years and a lot of people now realize that corporations don’t give a crap about them; it’s all a profit driven con to separate people from their money no matter the true cost of that profit.

I honestly think this is Sean Connery’s best role because he is playing an actual man, not some sort of spy superhero. The character has to figure out what they want and need to do to take care of the situation at hand and he really emotes that struggle in such a way that makes you care about him, whether you agree with his actions or not.

Another thing that makes this film special is the fact that a lot of the crew who worked on it also had a hand in making Alien. Because of that it has the same kind of feel; a dirty dystopian future in which people have to work in dangerous situations in order to survive. The future isn’t perfect, rather it is imperfect just like now.

Look, I’m smiling!

I very highly recommend watching this. If you like dystopian, sci-fi or 80’s thriller films this movie will be right up your alley!

DIY Project That I Will Be Starting Soon

A glass pumpkin cookie jar that has become my new spooky hair clips container.

I haven’t made a music themed jacket in a little over thirty years, Seriously, it has been that long. Why? Because I am a fangirl of so many different kinds of things that it makes it difficult for me to just focus on one aspect as to who I am.

I have been massively listening to the Misfits, Samhain and Danzig lately, if you haven’t noticed, and an idea popped into my head a few weeks ago; make a Glenn Danzig themed jacket! Originally I was going to use a New Look striped jacket that I got on clearance, but after some thinking I am going to use the one below instead. It’s another New Look clearance jacket that I got about five years ago.

Love the 50’s vibe of this jacket.

If you are a fan of Glenn you know that the number 138 is a Misfits reference. I had sewn those numbers onto the jacket a few years back so in reality it was already started. Over the last few weeks I have been scouring Etsy for cool Misfits, Samhain and Danzig patches and I have found some really unusual ones. Also, I will be putting some spooky little patches on it as filler because to do otherwise would be blasphemous. On top of that I have bought a bunch of cone studs. I just have to be patient for all of the goods to trickle in. I don’t want to start until they are all here. If I have some that I won’t use I will just save them for a future project.

I really hope that this inspires you to create something of your own. I believe in you and if you ever have any questions about how to proceed with a DIY project please feel free to contact me because I would love to help if I can.

My All Time Favourite Glenn Danzig Songs

The man, the myth, the legend. *fans herself*

I have loved The Misfits, Samhain and the original line-up of Danzig for about thirty-two years. Yes, I am that old. I even saw the original Danzig line-up perform in San Francisco in October of 1992 and it still holds up as the best show I have ever been to. This is all to say that I have always seriously loved the music of Glenn Danzig.

My all time favourite album is November Coming Fire by Samhain. I love it so much that I finally sought out and bought a mint condition first edition US vinyl pressing of it. I got it the other year for only about £140.00 so I know I am a lucky bitch. Early Danzig is my next favourite era followed by the original Misfits. No, I haven’t been to any of the Glenn fronted Misfits reunion shows, mainly because I now live in Europe. However, if the original Danzig line-up ever tours I would fly to New York, Philly or even Boston for that. Just saying.

Here are my all time favourite songs from each band. I enjoy sharing music so I hope that you find something that you really like and connect with.

The Misfits – Bloodfeast

Samhain – To Walk The Night

Danzig – Godless

The Misfits – Hybrid Moments

Samhain – I Am Misery

Danzig – Mother

The Misfits – Horror Hotel

Samhain – Archangel

Danzig – Tired Of Being Alive

The Misfits – Last Caress

Samhain – Unholy Passion

Danzig – Am I Demon

The Misfits – Vampira

Samhain – Halloween II

Danzig – Left Hand Black

The Misfits – Astro Zombies

Samhain – Moribund

Danzig – 777

Misfits – London Dungeon

Samhain – Mother Of Mercy

Danzig – Long Way Back From Hell

I Told Killstar To Put Down The Crack Pipe And Did They Listen? Nope.

EDIT: I already wrote this whole post yesterday morning, before Killstar blocked me on their Facebook page. HI KILLSTAR, thanks for the block! You have proven that my analysis about who bought you is correct. Cheers!

EDIT 2: Sure you are doing financially well Killstar….sure. They just dumped yet another drop onto their site this morning. It contains all of the same print on everything…..yet again. £20 for a dinner plate? Wahahaha!!!!

You are reading that correctly. Killstar, against all logic, actually thought that the majority of their customers would like this ‘collection’. This actually pretty much proves that they are run by a private equity firm, because only a private equity firm would think that Avril is in any way goth or punk. They don’t have a clue about the subcultures at all. Well, I took screen shots of this entire visual fiasco so that I could give my opinions. The above photo is showing styles that they have already done but now with skeletons and barbed wire. Also, they are see through. I guess that they think that people want to show off their nipples or something? There must have been a fire sale in China of this cheap looking material for them to use it so much in just about every ‘drop’ that they do.

Yet more sheer material with the same exact print. How stunning, how original! NOT! I am not going to blast the pink because obnoxious colours can be fun when done the right way. Just not like this.

They should have collaborated with Pepto Bismol. They would have saved money. Boring. Oh, and look at the witch hats. Spooky!

I totally don’t understand the sheer trouser thing. How the hell are you supposed to wear them outside? I guess they think that people want to show off their undies? Again, the same boring prints.

They have brought out yet more of the wannabe witch hats. I guess they are telling all of the kids that they will still look like a wannabe witch in the outfits as long as they are wearing one of their black hats. Killstar is such a silly goose! The same boring prints and sheer material. That material doesn’t breathe so I can well imagine somebody passing out while wearing it in the heat.

The exact same patterns again, and again, and again, and again. Killstar and Avril sure know how to channel their creativity, don’t they? Oh, and all of the clothing is still that crap see through material. This time they plucked up their courage and made things in some black sheer material, like they almost always do anyway. Such courage and how forward thinking!

I bet that suitcase, if put in the cargo hold, would not survive many flights. It could easily be dented because it’s made of plastic. Those ‘bras’ are made of that same….sheer….material. Wearing polyester on your boobs when it is hot is going to make them itch like hell no matter your cup size. Just saying.

Sheer polyester panties? Ahoy yeast infections!

Yet more yeast infection inducing panties AND a yeast infection inducing sheer polyester bodysuit. I wonder if the private equity firm who now owns them has stock in a treatment for yeast infections because it really feels like they want you to get one, or even several. What fun!

They call that a cloak? It’s more like a Halloween costume because when the hell did cloaks start not having openings in the front? It 100% looks like something that would be sold by Spirit in their scary goth/punk rocker section but for less money.

Hooray, we are at the end now! When have harnesses been equated with Avril Lavigne? Seriously. I guess they are trying to throw their wannabe witch customers a bone?

I can’t wait to see what boring insanely priced crap they are going to come out with next. Since Halloween is coming up I bet you anything they are going to show how goth and punk costumes can be made with their clothes. I’m calling it!

A Sounds And Shadows Interview In Which I Am Mentioned? You Don’t Say!!

This is an interview between Ken of Sounds And Shadows and Jose Hernandez Riwes Cruz of Hueco. Jose has been into goth/alternative music since the 80’s in Mexico and has just written a book called Jumping Someone Else’s Train in which he explains how the subculture formed there. A while back he asked us in the Sounds And Shadows Facebook group what we were called before the term ‘Goth’ was used in our areas. I mentioned to him what my friends and I were mostly called way back in the mid to late 80’s in the SF East Bay and some more information.

Most, if not all, of you know my real name on Facebook is Megan Wood McGuigan so that is not a secret. It is just so cool to feel appreciated, especially by people who are very knowledgable about a genre of music that means a lot to me. I am not giving the exact time of when I am mentioned because it is a very cool video that should be seen in its entirety. A huge thanks to both Ken and Jose.

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