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Finished The Back Of The Spooky Jacket!

I have finally conquered the back of the spooky jacket and it is now done. I could fit another patch below Vampira but I like it as is for now. Next I have the front of the jacket to figure out, and that is always the most difficult side to deal with when it comes to these kind of DIY projects. Per usual I found all of these patches on Etsy.

Did Some Patch Placement And It Looks Nice And Spooky!

Sometimes it takes a while to choose a really good patch placement and sometimes you get lucky. For whatever reason the patch gods have looked down upon me today and guided my hands. I like things to be in balance when I do patch work because I feel that a jacket is more put together when this is done. Others like to do the opposite and that is okay. You’ll find that the more you do DIY projects the more you will get into your own creative flow.

These are all sew on patches. I have never ironed on a patch in my life because it is more easy to remove them if you want to use them again. Plus, my days of going into pits are long gone so I don’t have to worry about them being ripped off.

I bought all of these patches off of Etsy. There are tons of artists on there making very cool spooky patches. Shipping is very expensive right now unless you are buying from sellers in your own country; then it is usually cheaper.

This is a themed spooky jacket that is going to be mainly black and white. Tim Burton’s films and the colour green are not allowed on it because I’m not really a huge fan. I like Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissorhands but I wouldn’t ever base my identity on them. It’s just not for me. I love Hammer Films and gothic horror in general. Christopher Lee will always be my favourite Dracula because he can be quite feral at times; he forgets his manners and will sip on his guests. No colour green because green with stripes is a very overplayed look and people associate that with Beettlejuice and Burton. I will be using purple thread because I think that will make a nice contrast. I will share more news on this project as I go along.

Austria Is Singing About Edgar Allan Poe On Eurovision 2023!!!!!

I have watched Eurovision every year since I moved over here. Last night was the second semi-final and to my astonishment the Austrian entry of Teya & Salena performed a song about Edgar Allen Poe called ‘Who The Hell Is Edgar?’. I am not joking, watch the above video and be astonished. I voted for them and they have made the final, which is going to take place tomorrow night. If you are outside of Europe you get to also vote this year so help them win!

Patch Update

Yes, I am a patch addict.

A bunch of patches have come in since the last post. My favourite being the large Boris Karloff as the Mummy patch. I have a bit of a soft spot for the Mummy; he isn’t given the same respect or attention as Dracula or Frankenstein’s monster. If the Mummy were a child going to a monster type academy they would probably be picked last all of the time during games. He is going on the back of the striped jacket for all of those reasons and more. I’m not sure which others are going on yet because I am waiting for more to arrive.

Where did I get these patches? Etsy. There are so many patch sellers that you will more than likely find the exact kind you want on there. I have noticed that there are a few unscrupulous sellers right now overcharging for their spooky patches because of ‘goth’ being a current fashion trend. So, if some seem too expensive to you it’s probably because they are overpriced. I will update further on this once more arrive.

Starting Work On A New Jacket

Yes, yet another jacket.

I’m back from the dead! I just needed some away from the internet time and I am doing much better. Hooray! I was going to finish this post a week ago but I caught a head cold and had absolutely no energy. I’m just about over it and feel, much, much better. Off we go!

As the title of this post states I am starting work on yet another jacket. When I go onto the ‘high street’ of my town I always browse the New Look store’s clearance section. I always come out with something because I live in a very conservative area. Anything too ‘out there’ for the local normies goes on clearance, and the prices are cheaper than the local thrift stores. It’s a win win for me because it means I don’t have to pay a lot of money to find a piece of clothing to do some fun DIY type work on. I would say that the quality of their stock is better than Shein, so if you are a weirdo with a budget in the UK you ought to head over there.

Since it is a black and white striped jacket people will assume that I am going to ‘Beetlejuice’ it. I think that type of look is very overplayed and I am not a big Tim Burton fan. Because of all of this I am not allowing any green on this jacket. The patches that I will be using will be mostly black & white. There will be some purple, red, blue,etc…but no green. When it comes to DIY battle jackets you should always put what YOU love on it; not what others tell you that you should have on it.

The purple really sets it off.

So far the only work I have done to it is place some purple studs right beneath the pocket openings. Since it is an unlined summer type blazer I might not place any more studs on it. When you stud a piece of clothing you make it heavier so that would go against the purpose of this blazer; a lighter summer type garment. I may feel differently down the road but that is my headspace right now.

I am waiting for a bunch of patches to arrive. This is going to be a ‘spooky’ jacket: horror films, TV shows, sayings and maybe some bands. When more get here I will show them to you all because they are peachy-keen! Okay, I’m going to cheat and share one below that is defitely going on it. It is a thing of beauty!

Nadja is my spirit animal.

My Dystopian Life Alternative Club Classics

EDIT: It is now 84 songs with no repeated bands. I hate the heck out of Spotify, and don’t use it, but I have decided to start creating a playlist based on the music that I heard in alternative clubs in 88-92. It is a work in progress so this isn’t its final form. During those four years I went clubbing on a pretty regular basis, even multiple times a week. So, these are actual songs that were played back then not some fever dream of somebody who wishes they lived back then. Yes, rap/hip-hop songs were played at all of the alternative clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area back then, and I had a whole lot of fun dancing to them! From what I understand this was not as common in other areas of the US, so this list only represents what I experienced and is not indicative of what happened elsewhere.

Hope you have fun listening to this and discover songs that are new to you.

My 50 Favourite Goth Songs Of All Time!!!

It would be fun dancing to these songs in this space.

For a start I would like to state that this list isn’t meant to be something definitive; a list of goth songs that you must listen to. These just happen to be my personal favourite goth songs. Don’t pay attention to the order because that changes all of the time, and I am only numbering them to keep them straight in my head so that I don’t repeat myself. Some songs are of the crossover variety, mainly synthpop meets goth, because the distinctions between the two back in the 80’s/90’s was more fuzzy than today, and there will be multiple entries for a few bands. A lot of them will be old, because I’m old. Off we go!

50. Lords Of The New Church – Dance With Me (1983)

49. Pawns – Broken (2019)

48. Nosferatu – Close (1993)

47. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Hand On Heart (1985)

46. Sex Gang Children – Sebastiane (1983)

45. Until December – Heaven (1986)

44. Samhain – Archangel (1984)

43. Lacrimosa – Kabinett Der Sinne (1995)

42. Die Form – Phenomena Of Visitation (1996)

41. Blancmange – Living On The Ceiling (1982)

40. Specimen – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (1983)

39. Gene Loves Jezebel – Always A Flame (1985)

38. Christian Death – This Is Heresy (1988)

37. Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf (1981)

36. Virgin Prunes – Love Lasts Forever (1986)

35. TSOL – Beneath The Shadows (1982)

34. Killing Joke – Love Like Blood (1985)

33. Alien Sex Fiend – Hurricane Fighter Plane (1987)

32. The Cult – Rain (1985)

31. Love & Rockets – Love Me (1986)

30. This Ascension – Angel Light (1994)

29. The Tear Garden – Ophelia (1987)

28. Astrovamps – Vampira (1993)

27. Necromantik Sunshine – London Dungeon (2001)

26. Diva Destruction – The Broken Ones (1999)

25. Element – Red Meat & Beauty Queens (1998)

24. Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers (1988)

23. Collide – Beneath The Skin (1996)

22. Samhain – I Am Misery (1984)

21. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – The Days Of Swine & Roses (1990)

20. Red Flag – If I Ever (1989)

19. Ministry – Every Day Is Halloween (1984)

18. Fields Of The Nephilim – Blue Water (1987)

17. Corpus Delecti – Noxious (The Demon’s Game) (1994)

16. Tones On Tail – Go! (1984)

15. Christian Death – Church Of No Return (1988)

14. The Chameleons – In Shreds (1982)

13. Die Form – Rain Of Blood (1997)

12. Wumpscut – Mother (1995)

11. Rosetta Stone – Leave Me For Dead (1991)

10. Mephisto Walz – The Starveling (1993)

9. The Damned – Alone Again Or (1987)

8. Gene Loves Jezebel – Heartache (1986)

7. Sex Gang Children – Deiche (1984)

6. Killing Joke – Follow The Leaders (1981)

5. Fade To Grey – Visage (1982)

4. TSOL – Code Blue (1981)

3. Virgin Prunes – The Walls Of Jericho (1982)

2. Lycia- Pray (1995)

1. B-Movie – Nowhere Girl (1982)

I’ve Been Playing The Game The Outer Worlds And It Is So Much Fun!

I am going to share a secret; I am a gamer. I have never talked about it before on here because since being diagnosed with MS I have found it impossible for me to get comfortable while playing PS4 games on our TV. Over the past few months I really started to get the itch to start gaming again, so I did some research and decided to get a Nintendo Switch console. It can move around with me very easily and I am 100% glad that I decided to give it a try. The last time I played a Nintendo system was the N64 when I proudly beat Golden Eye, so there was a bit of a learning curve. However, I quickly got used to it and I am having an amazingly good time.

So, what is the game Outer Worlds? In it you play a guy flying around the Halcyon system trying to figure out the mystery surrounding a colonist spaceship that he was originally on. On your travels you encounter greedy corporations, freedom fighters, killer robots, and some very scary creatures. It’s like Fallout New Vegas and made by the same company Obsidian. So, if you love just wandering about and fucking shit up this is the game for you. It’s a bit more linear so you can’t explore every planet again once you leave them. Also, once you make some enemies of factions they will refuse to sell gear to you and attempt to kill you on sight.

I tend to only play these types of games because I love playing solo and offline. I haven’t played any online games since the last time I played World Of Warcraft over fifteen years ago. I would never talk to anybody and just keep to myself because I didn’t like all of the sexist crap going on. The only online game I ever really liked was Star Wars Galaxies. I used to be part of an Empire supporting crew and it was fun as hell. I even met Darth Vader which was very peachy-keen!

I usually take this time of year off when it comes to posting content because I really hate the holiday season. All of the forced happiness makes me want to retreat into a cave until it’s all over in early January. So, if you don’t see me posting as much, or not at all, until then nothing is the matter;like Arnie I will be back. I kind of have a big post I want to do so I may be partially working on that during this time.

Later days.

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