The town of Megaton in Fallout 3. Where post-apocalyptic fun is had!

Before I start this week’s list I would really like to talk about the school shooting in Texas. It’s disgusting what happened and it proves that all cops are cowardly bastards. Gun laws in the United States need to be more harsh, so that insecure incel men can’t easily purchase guns right after they turn 18. If there had been a waiting period those little kids would probably still be alive right now. The United States has an angry incel terrorist issue that needs to be taken seriously by their government.

May 25th World supply of wheat will only last a total of 10 more weeks.

A food insecurity expert has given this warning to the UN, so you know that this is a very serious issue. Wheat production in both Russia and Ukraine usually equals a full 1/3 of the world’s supply, so the war going on right now is halting production and blocking the exporting of this grain. Putin would rather starve the world than pull out of Ukraine. Tells you all that you need to know about the evil prick.

May 26th Big Salmon farms in New Zealand are closing due to overly warm water.

New Zealand is the biggest exporter of chinook salmon. In fact 85% of the world’s supply comes from there. Right now these farmed fish are dying off in huge numbers because the water is growing too hot for them to survive in. It’s climate change in real time.

May 30th Previously cheap food is getting too expensive for the poor in the UK.

The prices of basic food items, such as pasta, bread and minced beef are going through the roof. This is happening pretty much everywhere right now. Tons of people are starting to use food banks so that they can have more than one meal a day and to feed their children. This is only going to get worse as the months go by.

May 30th Almost 500,000 small UK businesses will go bust within a few weeks unless they receive help from the government.

I don’t think the Tory UK government actually cares about any business unless it is owned by them or their cronies. Tons of people will lose their jobs if this is allowed to happen.