19/07/22 Global food supply is in trouble.

This is just a short video explaining what is happening around the world when it comes to food stability, and how the Ukraine war is just making it worse. Since this was made Russia supposedly made a deal letting the grain supply leave Ukraine, but as soon as the ink was dry Putin started bombing again. By the way, I know this news item is one day early, but I felt it was important and it lays out the issues pretty well.

23/07/22 WHO declares their highest warning for the current monkeypox pandemic.

If you think this isn’t a big deal please think again. I have seen photos of the people who have caught this and it is pretty terrifying. It’s like chickenpox but even worse.

24/07/22 Paris is preparing to face a 50 Celsius degree future.

This article is in French but it’s pretty easy to get the gist of it. Paris is facing a very hot future and people are trying to think of ways to combat it.

26/7/22 Steve Bannon calling on ‘shock troops’ to take over the US government.

This is not a joke. This asshole is calling for his minions to storm the capital yet again. Hmmmm….I wonder how this went for them the last time they tried?