Midnight Madness And Beyond released in 1986.

Don’t know who GBH are? They are a UK82 punk band that was formed in Birmingham England in 1978. They helped shape the sound of British punk and are still touring and making music.

GBH was my very first punk show in late 1989 so their music has always held a special place in my heart. They were seen as just a street punk band by many back then, however if you delved into their releases you would find two albums that did not sound like their others; Midnight Madness And Beyond and No Need To Panic. I actually remember the first time I listened to a Midnight Madness And Beyond tape in my car and being really surprised and pleased that they were singing about a lot of spooky stuff. I was also a fan of The Misfits, Samhain, Danzig, Christian Death, TSOL, Black Flag, Rudimentary Peni and other such punk and deathrock bands. I kind of straddled punk and goth back then, just like I do now.

No Need To Panic released in 1987.

Their album No Need To Panic also really struck a chord with me. What really tripped me out is that I never heard a single person back then mention these two albums. They’d mention one of their more famous albums like City Baby Attacked By Rats but never these two. The music mostly sounds punk but you can definitely hear some deathrock influences breaking though. There are a lot of very heavy baselines and lyrics about horror films, monsters and very unfortunate situations. They are seriously fun to listen to and are forgotten gems. Below are a few songs from the albums that are very good examples of what I have been talking about. Enjoy!

Horror Story

I love the keyboards in this song, and it’s about monsters!

Makin Whips

Love the beginning of this song, so funny!

Electricity Through Space

The intro is a lot fun and reminds me of A Flock Of Seagulls. Space alien takeovers are peachy-keen!

Malice In Wonderland

Love the bass and the lyrics of this one.