Lake Mead is drying up at an accelerated pace.

30/6/22 EPA clean air act gutted by SCOTUS.

That’s right, SCOTUS thinks that businesses have more rights to pollute the country than the people who live there have the right to breathe and live cancer free. Do you know who created the EPA? Nixon. That’s right, Nixon actually cared more about the environment than the modern GOP. Think on that.

02/07/22 WHO warns monkeypox spreading fast needs containment.

It’s spreading but it is not believed to be airborne…….yet.

04/07/22 Six people killed in an avalanche in the alps in Italy.

I am including this because the Alps are quickly losing snow and glaciers. Climate change directly killed these people.

04/07/22 The driest climate in Spain and Portugal in 1200 years is happening right now.

Spain, and other countries in southern Europe are suffering through a very bad drought that is badly affecting rivers and crops.

05/07/22 Superbug found in British pork.

It was found in different supermarkets in different pork products, including organic.