Evil cunt.

Have you noticed how it is always evil bitch Tories who are the only women that ever get elected as UK Prime Minister? First there was Margaret Thatcher, who hated the poor and working class. Then next up it was Theresa May who hated immigrants and made the immigrant laws even more difficult to navigate. Then there is Liz Truss who is fighting right now to become yet another evil bitch Tory Prime Minister.

What did Liz Truss do to piss me off this much? It’s simply enough that she is a Tory because Tories are corrupt pieces of crap who don’t care about anybody except for their wealthy friends. However, she is right now bragging to her brainwashed brethren that she will allow fracking again in communities that want it, concentrate on extracting oil off the coast of Scotland and will ban solar panel farms. She wants to go back in time. How far back? Probably the 1800’s because she could make little kids go up chimneys again and save her wealthy friends a few pounds.

That’s right, this corrupt bitch doesn’t give a crap about the future of the UK. Scientists proclaiming that that the environment is terminally fucked doesn’t matter to her at all. Screw those kids who can’t breathe properly, screw those elderly people who can’t afford oil to heat their homes and screw all of the families who cannot afford to buy food. What is more important is that sweet cash she is getting from the oil industry, and her ability to put her cronies in charge of projects in which they will just steal all of money for themselves. Do not trust a damn thing that comes out of that woman’s mouth: lies, lies and more lies.

The only thing that ever scares the Tories are mass uncivilized protests, like what happened when Thatcher came up with the poll tax. People were so angry by that tax that there were full scale riots, This caused the Tories to make Thatcher quit and the law was thrown out. There is no honour among thieves. I can see something very similar happening again soon because people aren’t too happy when they can’t turn on the heat or feed their children.

In the wise words of the Subhumans…just think for yourself. Never believe what the Tory led UK government tells you.