This is a continuation of my series about 80’s bands that have been generally forgotten, or ignored, by a younger audience. These bands may have created music past the 80’s, but their height of fame was the 80’s. If you are of a certain age, like I am, you would have more than likely heard of these bands.

Who were The Call? They were an ‘alternative’ band that formed in Santa Cruz California in 1980. Their music was somewhat spiritual in the same sense that early U2 was. They would sometimes sing about a higher force but weren’t overtly singing about a certain set of beliefs. Since they were considered a San Francisco Bay Area band their songs were frequently played on the local ‘alternative’ radio stations of that area in the 80’s. That is how I learned about them. Their main claim to fame was that they were the original writers and performers of the Lost Boys soundtrack song I Still Believe that saxophonist Tim Cappello covered in the film.

Back around 89-90 I accidentally saw them live at the long gone Santa Clara alternative club One Step Beyond and they put on an excellent show. They broke up and reformed a few times until their singer/songwriter Michael Been died of a heart attack in 2010. Here a few songs by them that I really enjoy, and I hope you like them too because they were a very underrated band.

I Still Believe (1986)

Everywhere I Go (1986)

Let The Day Begin (1989)

The Walls Came Down (1983)

You Run (1989)