I am writing this literally right after finding out about it on Reddit and watching the above video. As a wasteland enthusiast I just knew that this was right up my alley when it comes to nerd knowledge and wishful thinking. Having watched a ton of post-apocalyptic films over the years, and being knowledgable about food and water scarcity, prepping, and climate change events I think I have something kinda valuable to add to the conversation. The following points are just my opinions but judging from the comments on the video I am in no way alone with my line of thinking.

  • When you build a huge bunker there are going to be a ton of contractors working on your supposedly ‘secret’ site. If these contractors have families that are going hungry in the wasteland do you honestly think that they wouldn’t try to break into the bunker to take the supplies? Of course they would and I wouldn’t blame them one bit for it.
  • Space for multiple expensive cars and for fine art collections? If a nuclear war happens what the hell are you going to do with that crap once you exit the bunker? Trade a Ferrari for a can of beans?
  • To protect the ones you love? More like kill the ones you love because everybody is going to be raiding that bunker for supplies.
  • There are servants shown serving a family food. Are their families also going to be given space in it because I can’t imagine anybody wanting to be subservient to uber rich arseholes while their family is dying of radiation sickness and starving outside.
  • It’s so cute how they think the old social order will survive in the wasteland. Those with the most skills are the ones that are going to survive, not those with the most money. The minute they step out of that bunker they are signing their death warrants because they have absolutely nothing to contribute to a society ravaged by disease and hunger. Oh wait…if cannibals eat them they would be contributing their flesh as a source of protein. What a nice thing for them to do!
  • Having a safe space to reflect? Oh, you mean laughing with the family about how all of the ‘poors’ deserve to die since they didn’t pull themselves up enough by their bootstraps and couldn’t afford to build a bunker? Got it.

I could go on but you get the idea. To stay safe in the wasteland don’t hide in a bunker; learn valuable skills instead.