Lord Vakko, from Chronicles Of Riddick, has a very badass haircut.

If you haven’t guessed it yet I am a huge sci-fi, horror, and action film lover. The Chronicles Of Riddick can be a very polarizing kind of film but I think it has been slowly turning into a cult classic as the years go by. The Necromongers are very stylized and leave no doubt as to what side of the equation they are on; evil world conquerors.

I have no shame as a Necromonger fangirl. My husband an I went to London one time and visited this little film museum near the London Eye. In it were some props from the film, including a whole suit of Necromonger armour. I felt like I had found my people! They were planet destroyers and evil, but they looked very good while doing it. Something I could get behind.

Love those braids!

So, because of all of the above, I have decided that Lord Vakko’s hairstyle is going to be my hair goal. I have both sides of my hair shaved and have let the back grow out. I would say that it is going to take me six months to a year for the back of my hair to get long enough to do the braids. I have braided my hair myself in the past so that is not a barrier. I just have to be patient.

The world is seriously fucked right now but at least I will look good while watching it all burn. You have to think positively sometimes.