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Yet More Very Cool Patches!

I’m a patch whore, I have no shame!

This is kind of a lazy post but I have been up to a lot this past week and don’t really have the time to write a long post. My husband and I have been planning a cruise to Scandinavia and that has taken out a large chunk of my thoughts and free time.

As you can see more patches have arrived for the Glenn Danzig themed jacket. I will use the others in some other projects in the future. Again, I got all of them off of Etsy from various sellers. My favourite above is the Jackie O. Misfits patch.


That huge Samhain Initium death dealer patch is going to be the centrepiece of the Glenn Danzig jacket and I got it from this store. If you like any Glenn related band you will probably really enjoy looking through their patches and pins.

Will this patch madness ever end? No!

Most of the above patches I got from Grimoria on Etsy. What I really like about their patches in particular is that I can shape them to fit into spaces; they don’t come already cut out like the skeleton hands and bats above in the photo.

That is it for today. Remember to buy patches that you actually like, not what you think other people would like. Stay true to yourself.

That Time I Saw Danzig Live In 1992

Chuck Biscuits always looks so lost in Danzig band photos. It’s adorable, plus he is a great drummer.

I saw the original Danzig line-up perform on October the 29th of 1992 at The Warfield in San Francisco. Those of you who are into Glenn Danzig will know how lucky I was to be able to see that show because it was the last full tour that the original line-up ever did. Chuck left in 94 and Eerie and Christ departed in 95. This original line-up has never reunited despite some members saying that they would love a reunion.

For a Danzig show it wasn’t really that violent. Their shows kind of had a reputation during that time because people would heckle Danzig and he would usually get a bit punchy. I mean, if you are going to a show just to fuck with the singer you kind of deserve to get knocked out. About a step or two above the pit was an area where you could lean against a long thin table and watch the show with a totally clear view. That is where I was, surrounded by a sea of men.

Am I Demon, from their first album ‘Danzig’.

I get it, mostly guys go to metal and punk shows, especially back then. I would say that the audience was about 80% men. No joke. I actually ran into two female friends at it and we all commented on it. I was with my ex-husband at the time so I didn’t get my freak on or anything like that. However, if I had been single at that show I guarantee you that I could have gotten laid that night. There was everybody; from bikers to skaters and beyond. It was like a smorgasbord for single ladies.

Anyway! How was the performance? Epic.I can safely say that this was the best concert that I have ever been to. Slayer is number two if that says anything. They sounded very tight, everybody stayed on beat and Glenn’s voice was in tune and never cracked. It was two nights before Halloween so maybe demons were at work? They played all of the hits from their three albums and a lot of the crowd, including myself, sang along. It was kind of wholesome.

Halloween II by Samhain.

Then came the encore song; the Samhain version of Halloween II. You’ve got to understand that November Coming Fire by Samhain was, and still is, my all time favourite album, with that track being my favourite song off of it. It was played perfectly and powerfully and I remember getting goosebumps from it and almost getting teary because I never thought that I would ever get to see that song performed live. To say I was moved would be an understatement.

I remember not being able to sleep that night because I was just so excited and happy when I got home. I didn’t know how lucky I was to see such a great show until I saw Danzig about ten years later; Glenn’s voice was shot and the band did not sound tight at all. If the original band ever gets back together to tour internationally I would totally go because those early Danzig albums mean a lot to me and they were an amazing band live.

I hope every single one of you get to experience something similar with your favourite band, because the memories from a great show can stay with you for life and that is cool as hell.

Holy Crap, Somebody Uploaded The 1990 Danzig VHS Tape!!!!

The man, the myth, the legend.

Yesterday I was innocently perusing Glenn Danzig related videos when to my shock and surprise I discovered that somebody had uploaded the 1990 Danzig VHS tape! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! EDIT: The video has been taken down by Glenn. RIP video.

I bought this over 30 years ago and my friend Sheri and I would watch it and just drool. Seriously, if you like dudes with muscles playing evil sounding music then this is the video for you! It’s composed of a few music videos from the first Danzig album entitled ‘Danzig’, along with various interviews. My favourite is the one in which Glenn discusses the lost books of the bible. Glenn knows his stuff when it comes to Christianity, probably more than most Christians.

What trips me out is how young they all look. I am now older than they were when this was made. I actually saw this original line-up of the band on their Dirty Black Summer tour and it was the best concert I have ever been to. The audience was at least 80% men, and filled with everybody from punks to bikers. It was really close to Halloween, and for an encore they played the Samhain version of Halloween II. That is my favourite song off of November Coming Fire, which is my all time favourite album, so to say I was thrilled would be an understatement.

So, watch the above video and bask in it’s glory because it’s a very cool video if you are into anything Glenn related.

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