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I found a Spooky Band Called Fright Night Club And I’m Excited!

Their newest album.

I went down a rabbit hole on Bandcamp last night, and to my surprise I found a band that performs spooky Halloween music called Fright Night Club. Being a huge fan of Nox Arcana I got really excited because I think it’s great that another band is creating unsettling music.

They perform both instrumental and original songs. Some albums are filled with instrumentals, while others are packed with original songs about monsters, horror movies,etc… There are even a few cover songs which is pretty cool! I am currently listening to their album called Creepshow: Re-Scared, which as you can guess from the title is full of sonic landscapes that flesh out the scenes in the film Creepshow. It’s seriously good stuff! I love listening to this kind of music while writing because it gets me in the mood so that I feel extra spooky!

This band has a ton of people contributing songs to the albums, so it is a collective; a spooky version of a band such as The Joy Thieves. I honestly don’t know who the people listed are, but I am betting that at least a few of them are goth or horror-punk musicians. They put out one album every year and also some separately themed albums . They take an obvious cue from John Carpenter, which can only be a good thing! There are lots of keyboards and guitar mixed together which makes for a spooky unsettling journey through a horror filled landscape.

I seriously love this band, as you can tell. Surprisingly all of their albums, save one, are free to download off of Bandcamp. Sit down, because this next part is a bit shocking. There are NINETEEN of them! Their newest one titled Sounds Of The Season Part II, which was released last year, is a name your price album.

So, get your spooky behind over to Bandcamp and check this band out! It’s great spooky music to listen to all year, and to scare the kiddies with during Halloween.

May You Have A Spooky Halloween

Since this year has been absolute shit for just about everybody I really hope that you have a spooky Halloween. I know that trick or treating has been cancelled in some places which makes sense, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun. Having a horror film marathon can be very spooky and a great time, so please don’t be in despair. Life will get better and you should be able to scare some children next year.

Yummy Pumpkin Spice Cookie(UK biscuit) Recipe

I love anything pumpkin spice flavoured. Since I am a US transplant to the UK it is very difficult for me to find anything pumpkin spice flavoured because it has not become a ‘thing’ here yet. However, Waitrose carries cans of pumpkin puree so not all hope is lost! Plus, you can just order some online along with premixed pumpkin spice.

I make this recipe on a pretty regular basis because it is so easy to do. If you have children this would be a great recipe to make with them because it’s very difficult to mess up, and it’s okay to mix it up a lot.

This recipe is from the US, so if you are in the UK you will have to make some adjustments. Don’t worry though because it’s honestly not a big deal, and I will add those details.


1 box of spice cake mix (In the UK use 1 box of any vanilla cake mix) Mixes in the UK are slightly smaller but that doesn’t matter.

1 15 ounce can of pumpkin puree. Again the size in the UK is slightly different and that’s okay.

In the UK add 1 teaspoon of pumpkin spice blend. This is easy to order online or you can even make your own.


Preheat oven to 350 F or 175 C (155 C for fan assisted ovens)

Line you cookie sheet with parchment baking type paper or grease your sheet.

In a large bowl empty the cake mix, and in the UK also add your pumpkin spice and blend together.

Add the can of pumpkin and stir together until all lumps are gone.

Place rounded spoonfuls onto your cookie sheet. I tend to make them a little larger but just do whatever size suits you.

Check them at 18 minutes. I always take them out when they are visibly brown on top. I like them with a little crunch. Remove them after a few minutes to a wire rack to cool.

These cookies(biscuits in the UK) are very moist and are basically little yummy cakes! I get about 26 from this mix and I can eat them all within 48 hours!

Do Not Buy Any Halloween Or Goth Type Products Off Of Ads On Facebook

Scammers are trying to crawl their way into your dark dead heart.

I will not be posting any photos of these products or linking anything in this post. I don’t want anybody to misunderstand me and buy products off of a scam site. This post is being made as a warning because I don’t want any of you to be scammed.

I love Halloween, it is my favourite time of year, and I am sure that plenty of you feel the same. I have noticed that there seems to be a ton of companies on Facebook right now supposedly selling some very cute Halloween products, more than I have ever seen in previous years. It really looks like the scammers out of China, Vietnam,etc… aren’t doing so well, probably because of the virus, so they are latching on to whatever trend that they think is hot right now. Ads for goth type clothing and Halloween products have been choking up my feed.

It is very easy to tell that these ads are fake. They cut off the heads of models, feature the exact same items as multiple other ads, their page was created recently, their English is very stilted, and if you click on their page transparency link they will more than likely be out of China, Vietnam or other countries in that area. These kind of ads will link to a company of a different name, that is used by a lot of the other fake companies. Basically it’s drop shipping, but the products are either badly made or you will never receive anything at all.

I know that there are a few real companies that advertise on Facebook. However, with the amount of fakes being such a high percentage it is just more safe to not buy anything off the ads at all. Facebook doesn’t really seem to care about any of this since they are being paid by these fake companies to advertise. I report every single fake ad I see on there and about half of the time they are taken down. All of this could be avoided if they would bother to look into these companies before their profiles and ads are approved, but I guess that would be just too much work.

Don’t let these scammers take advantage of you and if you see such ads report them as being fake and a scam. If you have a lot of time you can even report the fake company’s page. Stay safe out there.