Most people do not know this, but I was supposed to move to the Lahaina area back in the summer of 1985. My father went over to get job and a place to live before my mother and I would arrive. Unfortunately he was killed by a drunk driver a few weeks before we were to join him. My mom, grandpa and I went to Maui and we had his funeral there. It was in a church in Lahaina and the pews were packed with locals who knew and loved my dad. The support we got from the people there will always mean a lot to me so this fire just breaks my heart. A lot of people there are poor and work multiple jobs just to scrape by, so many will not be able to rebuild.

If you want to help the people of Maui here are some charities that are on the ground helping them.

Maui Food Bank

Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong Fund

Maui Humane Society