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Is The Goth Subculture Actually Political?

Sex Gang Children’s newest album is very political, which is a good thing.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about how goth music is political, which in turn would mean that the subculture is political as well. When it comes down to it is the subculture actually politically minded?

Everybody reading this knows that the goth subculture was birthed out of the punk subculture. The punk subculture has always been political to varying degrees. There are famous punk musicians such as Jello Biafra and Dick Lucas who have always talked the talk and walked the walk. When they write songs about supporting equal rights or about how evil corporations are they mean it. They aren’t being political to gain ‘scene’ points, they are being political because they think that speaking against injustices is important and something that must be done.

Do goth bands speak up about injustices? Sometimes, but not as often as their punk cousins. Sex Gang Children have recently put out the most politically charged album that I have ever heard come out from under the goth umbrella. It’s called Oligarch and it speaks up against corporations, religious hypocrisy and fascist politicians. I honestly hope that other goth bands listen to it and are inspired to make their own politically charged art. Christian Death is another band that has openly made politically charged music through the years. Both the Rozz and Valor versions of the band have done this. Then there are modern anarcho deathrock bands such as Mystic Priestess and the Creeping Terrors who make music with a political bent. With one foot in the punk subculture they are carrying on the tradition of speaking up against what is wrong in society.

If you spend any amount of time in online goth communities you will see people ask if they can be right wing and goth at the same time. The goth subculture has always leaned left because of the acceptance of those who society sees as the ‘other’. Are there racists within the subculture? There have always been those in the subculture who think that a person has to be white in order to be goth, which is a load of shit of course. Do some people wear white foundation and try to look as pale as possible? Of course but you don’t have to look like a Victorian ghost to enjoy the music. You don’t have to be a certain weight, a certain colour or dress a certain way to take part in the subculture.

All of this could be called political, but do people in the subculture actually stand up for the rights of others when it comes down to it? I would like to argue that there are some that do, but they are heavily outnumbered by those who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. The most important thing about being politically minded is standing behind what you say, even if it inconveniences you. A huge example of this are all of the people in the subculture who will be attending the Cruel World festival, even though the person putting it on is a proven homophobe. They will post about how they are for the rights of those who identify as LGBTQ, but they don’t want to be inconvenienced by missing a show. It’s hypocritical to not stand behind what you say.

Back thirty years ago the subculture was largely not political at all. To the point that Nazi skinheads would attend the clubs and nobody would lift a finger to boot them out. Seriously, I witnessed this shit myself. Back then I weighed 100 pounds and I knew that it would be impossible for me to do anything physically about it. However, there were several times back then that I told Nazi skins off because I didn’t like the crap that they were saying. I did all that I could do back then but when it came down to it there were definitely others who just didn’t care. As long as they could dance to their favourite songs everything was hunky dory.

When it comes down to it the goth subculture can be political, but there are many people in it who need to learn to stand up for what they claim to believe in. Supporting the LGBTQ community online is good, but if it is not followed through with some sort of physical action then that support becomes meaningless. Go to marches and events that are against racism and homophobia, and don’t attend events that are put on by racist or homophobic promoters.

Fuck Trump And Anybody Who Supports Him

Seditious morons.

We are all aware of the Trump supporting domestic terrorists who stormed the Capital Building and trashed the offices of various politicians, with the visible help of the police. This event was a staged coup brought about by Trump, make no mistake about it. He riled them up, and like the stupid lemmings that they are, they obeyed him. When asked to send in the National Guard Trump refused to do so. Of course he did, because he wanted his gang of terrorists to hurt and possibly kill his perceived ‘enemies’. This whole event was meant to scare the politicians, and the American people, into submission so that he could hold onto his power, rather than get arrested the moment he leaves the White House.

I’m not scared. If anything this whole twisted event has galvanised me into making my opinion more widely known. Even before he was elected I would go onto his Facebook page and call him a racist lying fascist pig. There are those who say that he, and his staff, don’t read the responses to his posts. Well, about two years ago his staff blocked me from commenting not only on his posts but also from Pence, all of the White House staff and also his relatives pages. I had only ever commented on Trump’s posts so I must have really, really pissed somebody off big time. They also did the same thing to the press and others, so the ACLU threatened a lawsuit. Like magic I got my commented privileges restored. I wear all of this as a badge of honour and I’m proud as hell that I pissed off the fascist pigs.

Despite all of this the congress and the senate still confirmed Biden. That is except for the Republicans, over one hundred in number, who still contested the results in Arizona and Pennsylvania. These seditious morons took the side of the terrorists and gave them what they wanted. Every single one of these politicians who voted against a democratically elected candidate ought to be named and shamed and ejected from office. Sedition is not a difference of opinion, it is an act of treason that goes against the will of the people. I would like to point out the fact that these white domestic terrorists were only able do this because they had a massive amount of privilege. If they had been black, or any other colour that is not white, they would have been shot dead and there would have been a pile of bodies on the front steps. The difference between how the domestic terrorists were treated by the police and how the BLM protestors were treated by the police is stark as hell.

Do not let a group of terrorists scare you into submission. Fascists, such as Trump, only gain power when nobody speaks up against them. Speak your mind loudly and often. Fuck Trump, his Republican bootlickers and his domestic terrorist thugs.

I Am Very Worried About The US Election…Because Trump is a Fascist and Racist Bully

For those of you who don’t know, I am a US citizen who now lives in the UK. Since I am still a US citizen I get to vote in US elections. I received my ballot a month ago and mailed it back the next day. I don’t like either candidate, they are both neo-liberals, but Trump is far more dangerous than Biden. If you can’t see the difference between them then I think you should learn how to critically think.

Just because I have voted for Biden doesn’t mean that I will sit back and let him make neo-liberal economic policies without any consequences. I will shout from the rooftops against him when he does such things as bailing out banks and letting drug companies charge outrageous amounts of money for covid vaccines. America is a failing empire in which capitalism rules over every single decision that the government makes. Even before covid appeared the capitalist system in America was in deep trouble. The pandemic has just sped up the downfall.

One of my proudest moments of the past few years was when Trump’s handlers blocked me from commenting on Trump’s, Pence’s, Ivanka’s and every single other White House associated Facebook page. No joke! I only ever commented on Trump’s page so I must have been seen as a danger to the whole lot of them. The same week that happened a whole bunch of reporters were also blocked from all of the White House gang. The ACLU and others, warned that legally Trump couldn’t block anybody from commenting because that was against the First Amendment. Guess what happened after that? I was unblocked. I have called him a racist and a fascist almost every single day on his Facebook page and it has been a bit cathartic.

If you are a Trump supporter I have two simple words to say to you. Fuck you. You are against the rights of women, people of colour and the LGBTQ community. You will more than likely be a white guy who is scared about soon becoming a minority in America. The centuries of power that white men have wielded in America are very close to being over. Rather than accepting this fact you vote for an openly racist and fascist wannabe dictator. When history books back at this time in American history you will be seen as a wannabe racist brownshirt. Tough shit.

I seriously hope that Biden wins because I don’t think that the democracy of America, which has always been deeply flawed, can seriously survive another four years of Trump’s hateful rhetoric.