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Killstar, Put Down That Crack Pipe.

Yes, you are reading that price correctly. Notice the missing cone stud on the edge of the lapel?

I have never made it a secret that I have bought some clearance items from Killstar’s website in the past to use in clothing projects. However, the quality of their items has gone totally downhill within the last year. So much so that I can no longer find items on their site that are fit for purpose. Most, if not all, of their clothing items are now made of really cheap looking polyester that looks the same as the crap fabric that Halloween costumes are usually made of. I have said in the past that I don’t care where you get your clothing from, and that still holds true. However, I do not like people being fleeced. If I see something that is really ‘off’ on a dark alternative clothing site I will tell you about it.

The other day I got a Killstar email, and in it included a link to their new drop. I normally don’t click through their emails because I just read them at this point for the entertainment value. However, I saw a green pillow and on a lark I decided to click through. That in turn took me to the ‘new-in’ page so I started scrolling through that trying to find that damn pillow. To my shock and horror the above studded pleather jacket caught my eye; not because of the spike disaster zones located on it, but because it looks cheap as hell. Again, something that you would find in the ‘punk/goth’ section of a Spirit Halloween store.

The older Killstar pleather jacket that I own. I did the painting and studding.

I have an older pleather jacket by them that is thick and of a pretty good quality, so I am not totally against pleather. This jacket is an entirely different story. First off is the damn price; they are charging £299.99 for this badly made excuse for a pleather jacket. Yep, that much. The pleather material looks very thin and very cheap and it’s easy to tell that because of the way it doesn’t flatter the model at all. It hangs on her all wrong and she looks awkward as hell in it. If a model can’t make it work the chances of you making it work are about zero. It will look good on nobody.

This next part really cracked me up. As I stated right below the photo one of the cone studs is missing off of the edge of the lapel. It looks like a plastic screw, whose cone snapped off…and they didn’t even notice. Using plastic screws instead of metal ones on those cone studs? They will probably easily snap off if you accidentality brush up against anything. Even worse than that is that the lapels and larger areas of cones on the arms are from rolls of pre-studded pleather. I have seen such pre-studded pleather material online before so this isn’t totally shocking, but the pure audacity to charge that much for a jacket that wasn’t even completely hand studded is really outrageous to say the least. Nevermind the fact that they are claiming they are metal studs, when it fact the screws are plastic. Are the cones plastic also? I honestly can’t tell. Also, the lapels don’t even have snaps on them to hold them down against the jacket. I’m guessing because of the pre-studded material being used. It’s just generally constructed very badly and it shows.

As of me writing this they are having a 30% off sale on everything on the site, including their new items. That brings down the jacket to just over £200, which is still very overpriced. Killstar seems to be in financial trouble because of the constant sales they have been having. Not a week goes by without some sort of deep discount. This is not the sign of a company that is doing financially well. The venture capitalists who bought it a few years ago keep cranking out new ‘drops’, and have made the brand into a fast fashion label.

If you read this blog you know that I do a lot of DIY projects that involve studding. You can do it too! Honest! I believe in you! If you have to buy a pre-studded jacket please buy one from an independent creator on Etsy, because you deserve better quality than what Killstar is trying to sell you.

Apocalypse Wednesday: Liz Truss Is An Evil Bitch & She May Become The Next UK Prime Minister

Evil cunt.

Have you noticed how it is always evil bitch Tories who are the only women that ever get elected as UK Prime Minister? First there was Margaret Thatcher, who hated the poor and working class. Then next up it was Theresa May who hated immigrants and made the immigrant laws even more difficult to navigate. Then there is Liz Truss who is fighting right now to become yet another evil bitch Tory Prime Minister.

What did Liz Truss do to piss me off this much? It’s simply enough that she is a Tory because Tories are corrupt pieces of crap who don’t care about anybody except for their wealthy friends. However, she is right now bragging to her brainwashed brethren that she will allow fracking again in communities that want it, concentrate on extracting oil off the coast of Scotland and will ban solar panel farms. She wants to go back in time. How far back? Probably the 1800’s because she could make little kids go up chimneys again and save her wealthy friends a few pounds.

That’s right, this corrupt bitch doesn’t give a crap about the future of the UK. Scientists proclaiming that that the environment is terminally fucked doesn’t matter to her at all. Screw those kids who can’t breathe properly, screw those elderly people who can’t afford oil to heat their homes and screw all of the families who cannot afford to buy food. What is more important is that sweet cash she is getting from the oil industry, and her ability to put her cronies in charge of projects in which they will just steal all of money for themselves. Do not trust a damn thing that comes out of that woman’s mouth: lies, lies and more lies.

The only thing that ever scares the Tories are mass uncivilized protests, like what happened when Thatcher came up with the poll tax. People were so angry by that tax that there were full scale riots, This caused the Tories to make Thatcher quit and the law was thrown out. There is no honour among thieves. I can see something very similar happening again soon because people aren’t too happy when they can’t turn on the heat or feed their children.

In the wise words of the Subhumans…just think for yourself. Never believe what the Tory led UK government tells you.

The Time That GBH Made Two Deathrock/Horror Punk Influenced Albums

Midnight Madness And Beyond released in 1986.

Don’t know who GBH are? They are a UK82 punk band that was formed in Birmingham England in 1978. They helped shape the sound of British punk and are still touring and making music.

GBH was my very first punk show in late 1989 so their music has always held a special place in my heart. They were seen as just a street punk band by many back then, however if you delved into their releases you would find two albums that did not sound like their others; Midnight Madness And Beyond and No Need To Panic. I actually remember the first time I listened to a Midnight Madness And Beyond tape in my car and being really surprised and pleased that they were singing about a lot of spooky stuff. I was also a fan of The Misfits, Samhain, Danzig, Christian Death, TSOL, Black Flag, Rudimentary Peni and other such punk and deathrock bands. I kind of straddled punk and goth back then, just like I do now.

No Need To Panic released in 1987.

Their album No Need To Panic also really struck a chord with me. What really tripped me out is that I never heard a single person back then mention these two albums. They’d mention one of their more famous albums like City Baby Attacked By Rats but never these two. The music mostly sounds punk but you can definitely hear some deathrock influences breaking though. There are a lot of very heavy baselines and lyrics about horror films, monsters and very unfortunate situations. They are seriously fun to listen to and are forgotten gems. Below are a few songs from the albums that are very good examples of what I have been talking about. Enjoy!

Horror Story

I love the keyboards in this song, and it’s about monsters!

Makin Whips

Love the beginning of this song, so funny!

Electricity Through Space

The intro is a lot fun and reminds me of A Flock Of Seagulls. Space alien takeovers are peachy-keen!

Malice In Wonderland

Love the bass and the lyrics of this one.

A Sounds And Shadows Interview In Which I Am Mentioned? You Don’t Say!!

This is an interview between Ken of Sounds And Shadows and Jose Hernandez Riwes Cruz of Hueco. Jose has been into goth/alternative music since the 80’s in Mexico and has just written a book called Jumping Someone Else’s Train in which he explains how the subculture formed there. A while back he asked us in the Sounds And Shadows Facebook group what we were called before the term ‘Goth’ was used in our areas. I mentioned to him what my friends and I were mostly called way back in the mid to late 80’s in the SF East Bay and some more information.

Most, if not all, of you know my real name on Facebook is Megan Wood McGuigan so that is not a secret. It is just so cool to feel appreciated, especially by people who are very knowledgable about a genre of music that means a lot to me. I am not giving the exact time of when I am mentioned because it is a very cool video that should be seen in its entirety. A huge thanks to both Ken and Jose.

My Very DIY Post-Apocalyptic Boots

I’m proud of how these turned out.

I just finished these the other day and I am very pleased with how they turned out. They are Angry Itch brand boots that I modified to fit into my post-apocalyptic/dystopian aesthetic.

The first thing I did was lightly stud the bottom straps. The leather is really thick so they warped a little bit but that’s fine. There were straps above but I took them off and hung some pandemic symbols from the rings instead. I bought the symbols off of Etsy and hung them from the outside ring with some jewellery wire that I wrapped around some clips. Finally, I coloured the white stitches with a purple acrylic paint pen. It is impossible to paint those stitches perfectly so I got some stray paint around them. Again, that is okay because my aesthetic isn’t based on a perfect appearance.

If you want to do some DIY work on a pair of boots I say go for it! It’s a lot of fun and you will be wearing boots that are unique to you.

Why Are Predators Supported Within The Goth Subculture?

She Wants Revenge, whose members have been accused of perpetuating sexual assault. being supported by post punk dot com. The post only got taken down when people complained.

Have you heard about how the members of She Wants Revenge didn’t really give a crap when people employed in their wannabe goth club were sexually assaulted? Remember the LA Times article detailing what occurred in 2021? To refresh your memory here is a free version of the take-down. All of this is public knowledge and I remember this being discussed in tons of goth online spaces during the time the article was released,

Since all of this crap happened She Wants Revenge were effectively cancelled, as well as they should have been because fuck these assholes. That is until Post punk dot com got it in their heads that it would be perfectly fine to promote them. Why would they think that? Mostly because they care more about scene cred than anything else. They have to put up the latest ‘news’ to look like they are on the cutting edge of promoting whatever shit band they are calling ‘post-punk’ these days. Women sexually assaulted at a club that the band members ran? Who cares about that! What is more important is having scene cred so that all of your young readers will buy whatever crap music from whatever crap band you are promoting before they move onto something else.

This is not the first time this kind of the thing has happened. Time and time again musicians, DJs, and promoters within the goth subculture are given a free pass to do heinous acts.

Up next, let’s talk about the singer for the bands Bella Morte and The Rain Within; Andy Deane. The allegations against him are so many and so credible that some of his ex band mates have dropped him as a friend. He emotionally abused multiple women by cheating on them, stealing their money and giving some of them STDs. There were so many women involved in his web of bullshit that there used to be a website dedicated to telling their stories. I’m not joking, this asshole has a long and rich history of pulling this shit, and yet he still gets invited to play gigs and some goth musicians still support him. Remember kids, scene cred is way more important than protecting the lives of women. Fuck this guy.

Lastly I want to talk about a promoter in the Washington DC area named DJ Panic. I have first hand experience with this steaming pile of shit because I moved to the area without knowing anything about anybody back in 2003. We messed around a bit BUT he started ignoring my phone calls and pretended I didn’t exist. Seriously. When I went to his job once to ask him what was going on he started to call me crazy. Ummmm….I don’t know…..but when you are act like a gaslighting little bitch you deserve to be confronted and treated like the piece of trash that you are. This serial emotional abuser did the same thing to other women right after me. Imagine my surprise twenty years later when I learn of this asshole being in charge of booking goth/industrial gigs in the DC area. I’m being sarcastic, because I actually wasn’t surprised at all. He has claimed that he is a changed person and that he has apologized to all of the people he hurt. Funny, I never got one even though I am easy as hell to find online. It shows you just how much that area cares about the safety of women. They don’t at all.

What can we lean from all of this? That scene cred is much more important than kicking somebody out of the subculture. If the abuser has ‘connections’ with club owners and bands then they are usually deemed too important and their behaviour is excused away. The DJs and musicians who support these assholes are just as bad in my opinion because they know exactly what is going on but don’t lift a finger against them. This has been a dirty little secret going on in the subculture for decades and one that almost nobody tells baby bats about. If a baby bat asks me about going to goth clubs I always tell them to act like it’s any other kind of club because there will be predators there.

The goth subculture has never been a safe space for everybody, especially women and it’s about time that the truth comes out about this HUGE issue.

Fun With DIY: Applying Studs To Your Clothing, Bags And Anything You Want.

I added black and purple round studs to this cool Blade Runner bag that I bought off of Etsy.

A very easy way to change the look of your clothes, and to make them more your own, is to stud them up. This is something that is way easier to do than it looks. I actually taught myself how to do it over thirty years ago by using the tip of a sharp knife to create the holes in a leather jacket for the stud tines to go through. I’m lucky I didn’t stab myself.

These days it is so much easier to get the tools and studs that you will need for such a project than it was way back when. Etsy is an excellent place to find studs, and my favourite stud shop StudsAndSpikescom even sells a kit that includes an awl and a tool to push down the tines so that you don’t hurt your fingers. The only thing that I will tell you to watch out for when searching for studs on Etsy are the drop shippers that send studs directly from China. I would choose a UK, European or US shop that ships directly to you so that you don’t have to wait weeks for a package that may or may not show up.

I added some purple round, black pyramid and skull studs to these straps of my Angry Itch boots.

The photo above is what I did very recently. The leather was quite thick so it warped a bit when I did the stud work. This happens less when the material you are working with is more thin, such as fabric. The warping never bothers me because it looks DIY and not manufactured.

I’m so proud of how well this turned out.

The above is a Punk Rave dress, whose high collar I removed. The top of the dress is made of two layers of cloth so I used some studs to attach them back together at the now lower neck. I also added some random studs around the bottom to give the dress more depth. I think adding touches of neon green really makes this dress stand out more and not look so plain. Since my whole style is Blade Runner meets Mad Max nothing needs to look perfect, and that actually gives me a lot of creative freedom.

I hope this has given you some ideas and some encouragement to start your own projects. Doing DIY studding is seriously a lot of fun!

What The Series Stranger Things Gets Wrong About ‘Alternative’ Music From The 80’s

Did the guys who came up with this series actually remember the 80’s? No, because they were born in 1984. So, when you watch this series you are getting a version of the 80’s that never really existed. One in which ‘alternative’ music was listened to by everybody and played at school dances. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I was a teen in the 80’s that graduated high school in 1989 and who listened to a bunch of ‘alternative’ type music back then. You have to understand that in the 80’s the term had a different meaning than it did in the 90’s. In the 80’s alternative music was anything that wasn’t played on the mainstream pop stations. That covered everything from New Wave, to what would become Goth, Ska bands, etc….Punk was sort of under the same umbrella, but standing a bit to the side. It was connected but considered more ‘out there’ by a lot of people. So, alternative music in the 80’s was considered to be too strange to listen to by most people because only weirdos, who didn’t dress like them, liked it. In the early 90’s the record execs knew this and decided to call the Seattle ‘grunge’ bands ‘alternative’ so that they seemed more rebellious. Yep, Nirvana, and all of those bands, were sold as pre-packaged rebellion and all of the pop music lovers fell for it.

This would have never been played at school dances in the 80’s.

So now that I have laid out what things were actually like musically back then let’s get to the issue at hand, how Stranger Things gets all of this very, very wrong. The older brother character, I can’t bother to look up the name, talks about Joy Division, and yet he goes to a party and doesn’t know that a chick is dressed up like Siouxsie? Um….nope. Joy Division was a very underground band during the 80’s, one of those that you only learned about through other people. Their music was not played on mainstream stations, at dances or anywhere actually. The only place I ever heard them, outside of my own stereo, was at alternative clubs. That’s it. However, Siouxsie & The Banshees were more well known and they even got played on the mainstream stations once in a while. So, if you were any kind of weirdo in the 80’s you would have known who Siouxsie was, but there was a good chance that you may not have heard of Joy Division. Joy Division only got super huge when all of the hipsters started liking them to seem cool about 20 years ago.

Please don’t think I am against teens learning about 80’s music and enjoying it. My issue is that these kids are thinking how cool it must have been back in the 80’s to have been a weirdo. It was never cool in the 80’s, through to most of the 90’s, to be considered ‘weird’. If you didn’t want to conform you got shit on by just about everybody for not fitting in. I remember people in high school asking me why I wanted to look like a vampire. Having seen the 30th reunion photos they all look about twenty years older than me, so who is laughing now bitches? Alternative music would never be played at school dances because a lot of people thought only weirdos listened to it, and who would want to be one of those freaks?

This song was only played at alternative clubs in the 80’s.

In conclusion, alternative music was not mainstream popular in the 80’s and to say otherwise is rewriting history. All of this could have been avoided if the writers had actually done some research instead of putting out a version of the 80’s that never existed.

I Bought A Rotary Tool And I’m Gonna Use It!

My precioussssss…………….

I finally took the plunge and bought a rotary tool to use in my DIY projects. I am so excited about this because I can now cut, etch, drill and sand to my heart’s content. It isn’t something that I will use every single day, but it will come in very handy and it will let me expand some projects which is cool.

Yes, this is a cookie cutter. I found it on Etsy.

I bought some nuclear symbol green plastic cookie cutters in a few different sizes last year, because I knew that they would look cool hanging from belts, bags and jackets. I just didn’t have the tools to do it. I could hang them as is but it really wouldn’t move freely and it would look awkward. Well, today I cut into the lip and then I made a hole underneath it.


I put some purple jewellery wire through the hole I made, wrapped the ends around a swivel clip, and then attached that clip to my new bag. Remember, never be afraid of colours. You use what you can find in the wasteland. I am very happy with how it looks and I look forward to coming up with other ideas.

That Time I Saw Danzig Live In 1992

Chuck Biscuits always looks so lost in Danzig band photos. It’s adorable, plus he is a great drummer.

I saw the original Danzig line-up perform on October the 29th of 1992 at The Warfield in San Francisco. Those of you who are into Glenn Danzig will know how lucky I was to be able to see that show because it was the last full tour that the original line-up ever did. Chuck left in 94 and Eerie and Christ departed in 95. This original line-up has never reunited despite some members saying that they would love a reunion.

For a Danzig show it wasn’t really that violent. Their shows kind of had a reputation during that time because people would heckle Danzig and he would usually get a bit punchy. I mean, if you are going to a show just to fuck with the singer you kind of deserve to get knocked out. About a step or two above the pit was an area where you could lean against a long thin table and watch the show with a totally clear view. That is where I was, surrounded by a sea of men.

Am I Demon, from their first album ‘Danzig’.

I get it, mostly guys go to metal and punk shows, especially back then. I would say that the audience was about 80% men. No joke. I actually ran into two female friends at it and we all commented on it. I was with my ex-husband at the time so I didn’t get my freak on or anything like that. However, if I had been single at that show I guarantee you that I could have gotten laid that night. There was everybody; from bikers to skaters and beyond. It was like a smorgasbord for single ladies.

Anyway! How was the performance? Epic.I can safely say that this was the best concert that I have ever been to. Slayer is number two if that says anything. They sounded very tight, everybody stayed on beat and Glenn’s voice was in tune and never cracked. It was two nights before Halloween so maybe demons were at work? They played all of the hits from their three albums and a lot of the crowd, including myself, sang along. It was kind of wholesome.

Halloween II by Samhain.

Then came the encore song; the Samhain version of Halloween II. You’ve got to understand that November Coming Fire by Samhain was, and still is, my all time favourite album, with that track being my favourite song off of it. It was played perfectly and powerfully and I remember getting goosebumps from it and almost getting teary because I never thought that I would ever get to see that song performed live. To say I was moved would be an understatement.

I remember not being able to sleep that night because I was just so excited and happy when I got home. I didn’t know how lucky I was to see such a great show until I saw Danzig about ten years later; Glenn’s voice was shot and the band did not sound tight at all. If the original band ever gets back together to tour internationally I would totally go because those early Danzig albums mean a lot to me and they were an amazing band live.

I hope every single one of you get to experience something similar with your favourite band, because the memories from a great show can stay with you for life and that is cool as hell.

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