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Music Review: The Cult Sounds – Death Of A Star

It’s no secret that I love the darker side of deathrock with a passion. With that being said Death Of A Star majorly scratches that itch. I can hear the influences of Samhain, TSOL, Son Of Sam and early Danzig on this record, and yet it has it’s own sound going on. It’s unabashedly heavy, layered with metal infused guitar, heavy bass, sinister keyboards and great lyrics. I love the hell out of this album.

What really stands out to me while listening to this album is the fact that it doesn’t sound like an atypical darker deathrock band trying to outright imitate the music of Glenn Danzig. A whole lot of bands do that and it becomes very tiring. I highly appreciate the fact that The Cult Sounds takes their music further into their own direction, rather than being lazy. It’s proof that it is still possible to make wholly original music within the genre.

Enclose Nacht, the first song really sets up the rest of the album well. It’s sparse landscape and chilling circus sounding keyboards lets you immediately know that you are in for a dark ride through a land of death and isolation. The next song 13 Candles is a banger that pushes you down that road. The journey is then filled with darkly created musical landscapes; the heavy crunchy guitars of Afterlife and the brooding atmosphere of The Avalanche.

While I love all of the songs my favourite has got to be Death Has A Name. Quite honestly it’s one of the better darker deathrock songs that I’ve heard in a very long time. It’s got a bit of that Jon Christ blues infused metal guitar style which gives it a sinister air that takes it to another level. There are heavy synths through the whole song that only add to the foreboding nature of it. There are two lines, in particular that I think are brilliant.

Death has a name and it’s yours,
Use my bones to build your body

That just conjures all sorts of feelings and thoughts in my mind. All of the lyrics on this album are really good, and don’t rely on the typical gimmicks that some deathrock bands use. I really appreciate the effort that the band put into creating this album. I have a feeling that The Death Of A Star is going to be on my ‘best of’ list for this year. If you love deathrock that is darker in nature then you will really enjoy this album.

There is no set release date for this album yet, but I will announce it here on the blog when the time comes.


Music Review: David Long & Shane O’Neill – Moll and Zeis

I don’t normally do music reviews, mainly because it’s kind of daunting since there is so much good music being made right now. However, I have decided that I could make it less difficult if I only review albums that I really connect with on a deeper level.

For those of you who don’t know who these two musicians are here is a rundown. They have been friends since childhood and were briefly in a band called Amuse before they set out on their own paths. David Long used to be in the Irish 80’s post-punk band Into Paradise, and Shane O’Neill used to be in the Irish 80’s post-punk band Blue In Heaven. They have collaborated before on the album Supernaught. I can honestly say that Shane is one of the most down to earth musicians I have ever had contact with, and I think its cool as hell that the both of them are still actively making music instead of only relying on their past output. Moving forward instead of living in the past.

When I first listened to this it struck me as sounding ‘dreamy’. Meaning that the guitar, bass and keyboards moved here and there in the songs in a smooth motion instead of in jagged breaks. It instantly reminds me of the more rhythmic albums by Lycia which can only be a good thing. The guitar in the songs tends to have some reverb while the bass is more straight forward and linear. It’s a nice contrast that really works well and it helps bring everything together. Musically this album fits into an indie box, but not strictly as there are definitely some touches of post-punk and even a little bit of ethereal goth thrown in for good measure.

The lyrics on this album are gorgeous. I’ve always been attracted to bands whose lyrics are on a level playing field with their instrumentation, and this album is a good example of that. My favourite lines have to be from the song Far From Home.

You said I was strong, and I would never break
It’s not that easy, it’s not a choice that you make
That day when the trucks arrived, I knew I had to leave
Never saw what life could be and it brought me to my knees
Makes me scared for what’s coming
Makes me scared for what’s coming

I burnt your name on my skin to remind me
Walk the roads far from home far behind me
Do you still remember me?
I’m not sure if i remember you
I have got, nothing that I need

Moll & Zeis is available right now on Bandcamp. As an added bonus the lyrics are also on there, which I wish more bands would do.

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