I’m guessing they are into Lycia?

This morning I was innocently browsing Facebook when a post about this band came up in a Deathrock group that I am a member of. I listened to the song and they sound like they are going for a cross of modern post-punk and ethereal goth. The song isn’t bad but it doesn’t stand out from the crowd; it’s going over territory that has been done many times before. Just this time it’s being done with some Autotune.

The thing that stood out more than their music for me was the title of their album; American Gothicc. This confuses the hell out of me because the term ‘gothicc’ is commonly used to describe curvy goth women and it is heavily used by those who love to objectify goth women. I’ve witnessed a countless number of goth women who have complained about this term being used to describe them. It is not a positive term used within the community and its use can actually mentally hurt younger goth women.

With all of this being the case who the heck is the audience that this band is catering to? Are they trying to cater to goth music fans, or to those who just lust after them? Do they think that using the term ‘Gothicc’ is going to garner them a lot of attention? Probably, but I think they may be surprised to find out that women in the goth community don’t really look at the term favourably.

When it comes down to it the band can call their music and albums anything they want, but this has got to be one of the most ill conceived album titles that I have ever seen. Seriously. EDIT: I’ve just noticed that I haven’t named or linked the band. They are kind of ringing my alarm bells so I won’t be giving them any clicks.