With all of the insane things going on right now in our Dystopian society why is it that some people still think that prepping is something only done by insane right wing people? Prepping for emergencies is something that everybody should do, because there might come a day where food, and other supplies, may be very difficult to get.

Do you remember the panic buying that people did of toilet paper and cleaning products from earlier this year? One of the reasons why that happened is because a lot of people will only buy enough supplies for a week or so until they go back to the store. Instead, what people should do is always have enough supplies on hand to last at least a few weeks.

Buying extra supplies does not need to cost a fortune and is something that you can do bit by bit. If you find your favourite kind of soup on sale buy a few extra tins of it. If you buy a little extra each time you shop you will build up your supplies in no time. Always make sure that you actually enjoy eating the extra food items that you purchase because how much would it suck to have to eat food that tastes like crap? Also, always look at the expiration dates on the extra food items that you buy and rotate them as needed. Use the food that is about to expire and when you go back to the store buy those extra items.

Here are some of the kind of events that you should be prepared for:

  1. Bad weather. It could be a snow storm, a tornado or floods but being cut off from roads will mean that you are also cut off from visiting a store to buy food. That store may also be cut off and run out of food quickly.
  2. Civil unrest. Depending on your country of residence this could be truck loads of home grown militias roving about shooting people or a city applying a curfew and arresting anybody that steps out of their home. Either way you are more safe inside with your supplies than going outside trying to obtain more.
  3. Yet another pandemic. There has been some major talk that people who catch the corona virus are not immune from catching yet another strain of it. On top of the extra supplies that you would buy for any other kind of emergency make sure to buy some extra masks and gloves before they all disappear yet again.
  4. Power grids going offline. In the state of California this has become a normal occurrence because of the chance of wildfires starting from falling power lines when there are massive wind storms. This could also be tied to bad weather events. Whatever the reason make sure you have food that does not need to be heated up to eat. You could also buy a camp stove, or BBQ grill, to cook food outside.

No matter the reason it just makes good sense to have enough supplies to feed you and your family for at least a few weeks, because you never know when something totally out of your control will happen.