The bottom says No Tomorrowland.

I quite often like to work on DIY clothing projects. Seeing ready made jackets with nonsensical slogans on them always makes me twitch because it is easy as hell to work on your own jacket. This was originally a pleather jacket that I got off of Killstar for very cheap on clearance. I don’t think they even have it on their site any longer. Some people would probably give me shit for buying the brand, but I wouldn’t be able to get a pleather jacket this solidly constructed for a cheaper price. The ones I’ve seen in stores are made of thinner material and are more expensive.

It is very easy to paint on pleather and leather jackets. The first thing I did was use some deglazer just to get any surface dirt or coating off of the jacket. You actually can probably skip that step, but this was my first time painting on pleather instead of leather so I did things by the book. Next, I bought an Angelus brand leather paint kit. It’s an acrylic type paint that is made to stick to leather/pleather surfaces. Also, I add their brand of 2-Hard adhesive to the paint I am working with, because it bonds the paint to a hard surface even better. I add half paint and half 2-Hard since the hard surface I am working with is hard yet flexible. I have painted on regular leather before without adding an adhesive so you only have to really do that while working with pleather.

I go over the paint several times to make it stand out more. Also, when I want to paint colours I have to put said colours on top of a white surface, because they will not show up on black very well on their own. So, you always have to paint your design starting out with white paint. I used stencils with this jacket, but I probably could have done it by hand. Since my jacket is post-apocalyptic themed I didn’t want it to look perfect, because for me that just wouldn’t look right. So messing up some outlines on it was not a big deal to me.

So get out there and create your own jacket! Put bands, drawings or whatever you like on it; let it be an extension of who you are.